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  1. JAA

    Stone shelter on Whernside

    To throw another suggestion into the mix…. Back when I was a gamekeeper on a grouse moor, in snowy weather at daybreak I’d follow fox prints for miles across the fells sometimes to locate the holes they used…. Usually the same fox will use the same hole repeatedly. I’ve seen and indeed created...
  2. JAA

    how did you get into caving

    Grew up and indeed still live in Arkengarthdale and was always fascinated and slightly terrified of the mine entrances on my grandparents farm (slei gill and storthwaite for anyone who knows it) Tentative looks to the limit of daylight and terror and eventually persuaded my dad to ask the local...
  3. JAA

    ....and the cave passage this represents is??

    Surveyors dog passage? Which is somewhere leck fell ish I think?
  4. JAA

    ....and the cave passage this represents is??

    I’ve still got my drying maiden thing above the fire in the front room, it’s ace! And makes the house smell lovely!
  5. JAA

    ....and the cave passage this represents is??

    I’ve heard them called “poss tubs” in swaledale certainly.
  6. JAA

    ....and the cave passage this represents is??

    My mother had her arm pulled through a neighbours electric mangle when I was a kid, I can still hear the screams 35 yrs later. Ouch.
  7. JAA

    ....and the cave passage this represents is??

    Marmite passage at the bottom of Brown Hill Pot is named for the appropriately sized pools in the floor of the stream before the sump
  8. JAA

    Climbing wall rules

    Or rising from it to fight the climbing wall staff
  9. JAA

    Curtain Pot

    Hi Skippy, Possibly planning a trip for next Friday depending on weather. Is it likely to still be rigged and if we do go do you want any of the lower pitches derigging for you as we come out if it’s helpful? Cheers
  10. JAA

    Kinnaird report

    Perfect. Many thanks!
  11. JAA

    Kinnaird report

    Hello Does anyone know if a copy of the kinnaird commission report 1864 is available anywhere online? Thanks
  12. JAA

    County Pot ropes

    I think the real issue which is being missed is divers cluttering up underwater cave with miles of string, in Keld head alone there’s kilometres of the stuff! Something should be done about this persistent underwater littering, I mean imagine the micro plastics they could be releasing into the sump!
  13. JAA

    GG Winch Meet Aug 23

    Never known @Pitlamp to have time to sit down?! 😉
  14. JAA

    Kingsdale bore

    It is. It’s a fascinating thing to see in person. Although I’ve only seen it once.
  15. JAA

    Caving Supplies is closing

    As a youngester I avidly read their catalogue, I can picture it now! My first knee pads and tacklebag came from them, via the North Pole and Santa Claus. A shame it’s going. Best wishes to the owners!
  16. JAA

    Deaths Head Tree

    I suspect that’s Andrew’s point Hannah, that the CNCC are taking a reasonable and pragmatic approach to the issues around anchors, which isn’t always helped by armchair lawyers with a limited understanding of the law and the levels of legal knowledge and reasonable knowledge that would be...
  17. JAA

    Thinking of joining a club

    If you fancy a dales based club with accomodation id highly recommend the bradford pothole club. (I’m not a member but when work allows I’ve joined the on some trips with the intention of joining) Regular well advertised meets, a really friendly and welcoming meets secretary and a nice bunch...
  18. JAA

    Missing person N.Yorks with caving links

    Missing from Sheffield and believed to be in Gt Ayton area, mines rescue have been involved today. Fingers crossed he is found safe and well...
  19. JAA

    Rampgill Norpex Door

    Good effort!! It would be brilliant if someone (not me as I don’t have the skills!) would investigate a way of securing the headgear in Sir Francis in Swaledale before the beam deteriorates any further and it falls and pulls the whole lot down the flooded sump. Maybe there’d be funding from...
  20. JAA

    Swaledale mine on BBC

    It’s interesting as I’ve never knowingly encountered any bad air in there and have been a lot. There’s lots of water movement and a good draught generally. I wonder if it’s bad air in terms of what’s permissible for someone “at work” to be exposed to?