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  1. Cantclimbtom

    Stupid Swildon's questions

    *HUGE* thanks to tour guide extrordinaire: wormster Shame we couldn't be joined by the other member on this trip, hopefully we'll be diving at Vobster again and be able to see more Swildon's (or other cave) some time I now have sensible answers to my stupid questions!! having been to the 20...
  2. Cantclimbtom

    Small mammal to greasy slab

    Wondered that myself, when there I was sitting at the bottom of the first pitch waiting for someone who really struggled to manage the chimney squeeze top section. I was pondering that very crawl (to the "right, opposite side from the scaffolding) and wondering if it offered escape and was the...
  3. Cantclimbtom

    Mines of the Gwydyr Forest: Metal Mining Ventures in the Heart of North Wales. (Revised 2nd Edition) £40
  4. Cantclimbtom

    Environment Agency Water Depth Logger in Castleton

    That's no depth gauge, that's a speed camera for ducks
  5. Cantclimbtom

    Do you wash your wet socks?

    Ahhhh makes sense! I got a super cheap Chinese wetsuit jacket and despite washing it on cold super quick wash (so face fabric shrinkage seems unlikely) it dropped a size after about 4 or 5 washes or something. Was wondering how that was possible, maybe the above is the explanation
  6. Cantclimbtom

    Another Petzl harness recall

    Ironically Petzl comment on durability and quality are missing a letter from the first word of the text 🤣 DURABILITY t seems like things don’t last as long as they used to. The desire to keep costs low has led other...
  7. Cantclimbtom

    British Fluorspar

    Depending on if it'd be a liability for you, but you could contact the bona vacantia office and ask if the company should be considered bona vacantia and if so ask if you can buy it for £100? Totally unlikely to work, but there is a tiny slim chance it might, sometimes if you are simultaneously...
  8. Cantclimbtom

    New Avanti leg loops slipping

    I particularly like the little eye graphic on the far right at ruler height 10-12 if you look closely, to me anyway... it has an almost stern feel perhaps it's unapproving? 😠
  9. Cantclimbtom

    New Avanti leg loops slipping

    Just in case anyone wants to know what the optional doo-dahs look like. Thanks Lyon/Petzl
  10. Cantclimbtom

    Lake District Quarry - Zip line plans

    The thing that can go wrong is if the zip linee is caught by unexpected gusts of wind and/or the staff didn't add enough weight to a light and they aren't quite fast enough to hit the stop on a long zip line. Then they *nearly* arrive and go in reverse towards the lowest point. A member of staff...
  11. Cantclimbtom

    Pull-through rope lengths

    Fixed it for you
  12. Cantclimbtom

    No escape from Titan!

    Priddy Green Sink sounds worse? That's reputedly constantly bad rather than sometimes bad. And presumably the Dales has it's own "treasures" too? I've only seen CAW once and it was dry (well sticky stinky mud, but no water at all) despite the fact the rest of the system was decidedly damp. When...
  13. Cantclimbtom

    BCA statement on peer to peer training

    While I'm unconnected to university caving, do you realise how much of a can of worms your comment opens? If BCA started to view eligibility for the insurance to be linked in some way with demonstrable competence (qualifications?) for Higher Education, what logical difference to that and non...
  14. Cantclimbtom

    No escape from Titan!

    Would a big fistful of water purification tablets chucked in and left for a bit make matters marginally less bad, or would the water just get replaced/exchanged with fresh worm infested filth too quickly
  15. Cantclimbtom

    SRT Harnesses for Kids...

    Don't tell anyone before the patent is secure!!
  16. Cantclimbtom

    Stupid Swildon's questions

    Well.. have booked a B&B in the area weekend April Sat 13th so hopefully I can upgrade my stupid questions to stupid actions ;)
  17. Cantclimbtom

    HS2 Sinkholes Buckinghamshire

    Why do these make the news when they're in a field? Did they stupidly promise it wouldn't have any impact anywhere? They just need a few tipper trucks of chalk to fill them back up. If they appear under someone's house then maybe local newsworthy, but a dip in a field??? If you excavate...
  18. Cantclimbtom

    No escape from Titan!

    Horrible! 🐮🐄:poop: 🪱 there are so many Smilies you could've used in that post, missed opportunity... (unfortunately the worm one isn't red)
  19. Cantclimbtom

    Petzl Aven/Superavanti Buckle Covers

    available soon, waiting for estimated March shipping. Thanks Petzl. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hello Tom, Thank you for your email. The anti-slip keepers should be available in early March. I will keep your email and post them out as soon as they arrive. Kind regards, Edit: please note they're...
  20. Cantclimbtom

    Mine shaft storage on news

    The idea that one day Elon Musk could be sent on a one way trip to Mars is almost irresistible. The smart money is on really huge rockets that can also take career politicians and anyone that has ever hung a small plastic bag of their dog's waste from a tree next to a public right of way rather...