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    Do you wash your wet socks?

    I might be totally wrong but I'm fairly sure I heard that there's also a nitrogen bubble shrinking factor involved as neoprene ages, and 'good' neoprene is pre-aged on the roll for a long time before use to counteract that effect. Entirely likely the nylon then continues to shrink with wet/dry...
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    Caving undersuits vs drysuit undersuits

    Having tried on a Lomo suit recently, as a personal suit I wouldn't entertain it due to the cut, aforementioned weight when wet and the frightening amount of static it seemed to generate. Having said that when buying multiples the cheapness of it would probably add up to another couple of suits...
  3. underground

    Protection from rodents

    I’m not sure even metal cabinets would exclude mice if there’s even a small gap round the door etc Not exactly evidence to support any decision making but, I took a few years off caving and my kit languished in boxes in the garage. None of it was touched apart from my undersuits, so rope...
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    New Avanti leg loops slipping

    I sent a request via the after sales form at the weekend and just received a confirmation that the 'anti slip keepers' will be sent out late Jan/early Feb so the advice above seems to work As did @paul !
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    Bagshawe: Gates now secured by Derbyshire Key

    In consultation with the custodian, the New Series and Snakes Pyjamas gates within Bagshawe have now been converted by the Eldon to a Derbyshire Key system. At present a 36mm adjustable spanner is needed for the nuts. It is hoped that making access easier will encourage more trips to the area...
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    Bagshawe Coe door broken

    No idea. I was talking about the Coe
  7. underground

    Bagshawe Coe door broken

    All sorted now
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    Glow Worms

    Big Jim is your man for glow worms. There are a number of sites in Derbyshire if you know where / why to look
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    Advice on getting more sleep in a bivi bag

    The ultimate key to good sleep for me, at home, indispensable for caving hits and hotels with air on etc but bivi-wise might be worth considering. I spent two weeks in Ashdown forest kipping under a tarp in a bivi bag and slept like a log… directly under the Gatwick flight path and the one night...
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    Caving Illnesses

    I’d forgotten my yoga mat…
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    Northern CSG spring meetup

    any surface mount experts there who can reflow a couple of disto ICs please let me know :D
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    Barn owl roosting in Dowkabottom Cave

    Not Yorkshire, possibly not even Strigiformes, but nevertheless exciting (or alarming for the first man in who got the surprise) we had a big bird of prey fly out of Snelslow t’other week.
  13. underground

    Distox2: Initial flash of firmware to STM

    Got this worked out with some help from Oliver. For reference you need: all pins connected from SWD on STLink to the right ones on the X2 board, battery connected, 5V usb connector plugged in and the On/Dist button pressed in for the entire operation. This can be achieved without assembling the...
  14. underground

    Choice of outdoor gear brand

    Patagonia will do that although it's not quite as simple as taking it to the factory. Can take to the shop if there is one or post it off to somewhere in Belgium. They offered that option to me when a bag zip got stuck, or to refund me the cost of getting it done locally
  15. underground

    Petzl stop Vs other descending devices

    I'm in two minds about the new Stop. I like the action, but it's a faff in tight stuff as the 'natural' position is to have hand with palm facing you on the handle, which seems to naturally make my elbow stick out. I just turn my hand round in that case. I'll also happily hang on it at a pitch...
  16. underground

    Distox2: Initial flash of firmware to STM

    Can anyone describe the process of getting the firmware onto a freshly built board? Beat directed me to the readme, but it merely mentions using a discovery board to the debug pins... they aren't marked and I don't know if USB connects to them or not. Wondering of I need to temporarily add a...
  17. underground

    "River at the Centre of the Earth" (The search for the Timavo)

    It’s a brilliant film. I stumbled across it at Xmas and that’s what spurred me into caving again after a 9 year break during which I thought I might not bother again.
  18. underground

    Bolting ethics underground and overground

    I can’t find a single report on the BMC website, social media or ukclimbing. Does the OP want to supply any actual evidence? Anyway, alleged incident happens at a climbing crag, appears to be for the purposes of enabling climbing, yet just because bolts were (allegedly) used that are pretty much...
  19. underground

    Bagshawe Coe Lock Issue

    Bagshawe lock is now fully operational again, usual arrangements apply for access