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    Calling university cavers graduating this Summer

    Hello all Graduating University Cavers! Graduated this summer and leaving you beloved uni caving mates behind? Moving to London to take your first steps on the career ladder in the big city? Still want to experience the thrill of a Friday night run to a caving hut for a weekend of adventure...
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    Caving club mattresses on offer (free to a good home!)

    The Westminster SG is upgrading our mattresses in our club hut in Penderyn. We have 18 single foam mattresses to be disposed of, still in reasonably good nick so if any club/forum member would like or need some mattresses they can have them for free, as long as they can come and pick them up...
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    Found - pair of glasses in the Nether Rawl series in OFD

    Hi, On saturday 9th I found a pair of glasses on a sand bank whilst on the the through trip form Cwm Dwr to OFD 1. If you think they might be yours let me know. Cheers.
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    Ogof ap Robert in the rain...

    Hi all, A bunch of us from the Westminster SG are planning to have a look at Ogof ap Robert this Friday. The weather looks like some heavy rain forecast and I was wondering if anyone had an idea of how responsive to flooding it was. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated, although our wet...