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    CHECC Update

    Hello Cavers, This is just a quick update from the CHECC committee with what we have been up to. Some good news first! We have managed to book a venue for a Big CHECC!!! This will take place during November in South Wales. As a result of having a venue booked we have decided not to run...
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    CHECC Venues Summer 2024.

    Hello Everyone, As many of you are aware CHECC has had some issues over the past year finding a venue both large enough and willing to host ~300 student cavers. The decision has been made to shift National CHECC from late November to June. This opens our choices to venues without extensive...
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    I am a student caver

    Stop lying, you are still a student caver old man
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    luv ladders

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    LOST: Fennix HL60r Headtorch @ Belfry on bonfire weekend.

    Hi, I recently lost my headtorch at the BEC on the Friday night of the bonfire weekend. It has a distinctive pink "TP" painted on the torch itself. If anyone has found it please let me know. Thanks Tom
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    Caving Memes

    But how do you keep the riff raff out? (I dont like urbex)
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    Birmingham student caving club

    Cardiff has a bag of old over suits that can be cannibalised or repaired. Cant confirm anything yet, though.
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    Oversuits and wellies

    Inside, stops the bottom of oversuit getting ruined and easy to drain.