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    Where is the 'delete my account' button?

    Serious question. As per topic title.
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    WANTED Scurion battery box & charger

    As topic title. I have a lamp, currently running on Sten batteries. But would like the scurion battery box, if anyone has one they're not using; I don't like the power connector being exposed.
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    Warning - Browns Folly - Metal Thieves Active

    Just a heads up to anyone visiting Browns Folly Mine at Monkton Farleigh. Pikeys activity has been seen in the mine, they have been ripping up the rails and points at Clapham Junction for scrap. These people aren't known for their peaceful behaviour so best avoided. Police have been informed of...
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    Hydraulic Fracturing - Coming to Mendipshire?

    I'm not a fan of gas extraction by hydraulic fracturing, it's something I find a bit worrying as who can say for sure what's really happening at the far end of the pipe. Now the Mendips have been mentioned in relation to this extraction technique. Are our caves safe...
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    Fire Hose - Free to good home

    I have rescued from a skip one red fire hose (the on-a-reel-type that usually lives in a cupboard). Currently located in Central Bristol so could get it to Mendip, although I have transport problems at the moment. Any takers?
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    A short photo trip to Fernhill

    More a set of pictures than a trip report. I'm finding that this camera (Panasonic Lumix FT2) is quite a versatile little beastie, and gives some nice results for a compact. Plus it's rugged and waterproof. Pics are clickable, linking to bigger versions on flickr...
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    Happy New Year!

    Nearly midnight, so might as well start the ball rolling... Happy New Year!
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    Swildons - 09/09/10

    Met up with Darren and Keen at the Wessex, Eastwater was suggested so we went to Swildons. After a short faff, Keen grabbed a ladder and we set off. Never seen the entrance so dry, not a drop in the stream, nothing down the wet way, and no real moving water till the bottom of the Old Forty...
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    Stained Glass inspired by Wookey Hole

    Just thought I'd share this; knowing I like both caves and boats, my sister made this stained glass piece for my birthday. Rather lovely I thought.
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    Box Cathedral Well Dig - 17th July

    Hi, A small group from the dark side have spent the last few months clearing out the well in Cathedral in Box Mine. We're down to 2-3 foot of water now, and this saturday is the final push... All help welcomed!
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    FS: Warmbac Cordura Oversuit Size L+. Mendip/Bristol area.

    Have a Warmbac Cordura oversuit for sale. Size L+, pretty good condition (slight signs of wear). 6 months old. Reason for sale, I should have bought one size bigger due to excessive pie consumption. 35 quid and its yours. Mendip/Bristol area.
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    Watch your cars in Burrington Combe

    Drove down the combe today and noticed [removed offensive slur] setting up camp in the big layby just above Avelines Hole.
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    3 seater leather sofa Free to good hut

    I have a 3 seater leather chesterfield sofa I need to get rid of, as my new sofa is being delivered Friday. Any club huts on Mendip in need of a sofa? I can deliver it. It's seen a bit of life, but still useable.
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    Swildons Question

    Does the small rift at the start of the zigzags have an official name? At the moment I call it the A34, after the Winchester-Preston trunk road, which allows you to get where you're going while avoiding a nasty hole.
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    Does it go?

    With a camera on the front, one of these would be a really useful gadget for sending into interesting draughty holes... Extreme mobility snake robot for rescuing
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    There's been LOLCats, LOLDogs, even LOLZombies. How about LOLCavers?
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    The Shit Heap

    Is there the possibility of an option, when displaying unread postings, to not bother displaying any threads in the shit heap. Or indeed any posted to by "Whitelackington" who seems more interested in european politics than caving...
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    Home wanted for Fridge Freezer

    Does anyone in the Mendip / Bristol area have a use for a fridge freezer? It's surplus to requirements at home, having been superceded by something a bit more modern, and is a litle worn, but would be ideal for keeping beer and grub cold in, say, a club hut. I don't want anything for it, and...
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    Swildons Short Long Not Quite round Trip - 14/11/09

    Wayne S Hatstand Maggot Set off for the Wessex hut on 2nd Saturday with balls steeled to do the Mendip Classic, a short round trip in Swildons Hole. Two groups were doing the trip, the first set off at about 11 while Wayne and I drank some tea and waited for Hatstand, who was on his way up from...
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    GB Cave - 12/11/09

    Lesw Frank Maggot Traffic getting out of Bristol was absolutely mad; normally I can get to the Wessex from home in about 40 minutes, it took that just to reach Bedminster! Picked up Frank and off we went, straight to the cave to meet up with Les. At least the rain had stopped, but there was a...