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  1. Paul Marvin

    Diving Foel Grochan Slate Mine Pt Two ...

    For the cave divers that are not adverse to mine diving here is part two guys .
  2. Paul Marvin

    Cave Divers That Are Not Adverse to Mine Diving

    Diving Foel Grochan Part Two here guys
  3. Paul Marvin

    Moss Head Adit

    Hi Guys Has anybody got any images of the Adit entrance so when we go in a couple of weeks we know what we are looking for . Also how far is it away from the lower Adit Ie the first one you get to with the rusty pylon type thing laid on the floor  and doesn't go in only a few meters then to a...
  4. Paul Marvin

    A Bit of Rain in Wales ...
  5. Paul Marvin

    18650 Batteries

    Hi Guys is it me or is there a UK shortage of these , just had a look on Ebay that used to have 1000,s now its all chargers  :-\
  6. Paul Marvin

    Long Shot

    Has anybody on here got a silicone Olympus TG4 cover they can sell me ?
  7. Paul Marvin

    Maenofferen Track Update

    The slate road after the flat area has been REALLY dug over to make walking up a LOT harder obviously to deter people .  :'( We went up today and there was a lot of activity in the area so took the footpath up and to be honest its a lot nicer way up. Go up to the winch and then up the right hand...
  8. Paul Marvin

    Foel Grochan

    Had two more very productive dives in here today guys , cant wait to get the video part 2 edited  :bounce:
  9. Paul Marvin

    Neoprene Hood ?

    Hi Guys anybody near to Snowdonia with a hood I could borrow over the next couple of days pref tomorrow , lost mine somewhere  :down: Paul
  10. Paul Marvin

    Info On Mystery Adit if Anybody Has any ...

    Hi Guys Driving up the hill to Walna Scar car Park Coniston about a third of the way up, there is a few sheds and a quite large Adit on the left , we had a quick look but no torch but it did look like it went a fair way . Anybody got any info ?? Paul
  11. Paul Marvin

    Cave Divers That Are Not Adverse to Mine Diving Video

    If there are any on here  :-\  :lol:
  12. Paul Marvin

    Video Editing Feedback

    Guys I am just editing another video are they to long to short or just about right ? and also how many of you watch the whole video or turn off half way through . See if I can make them more interesting . BTW I am not doing voice overs leave that to people with more knowledge than me , the...
  13. Paul Marvin


    Can you remove the two posts in the mine section and the diving section where my video is unavailable, I had to correct an error so was taken down off YT and then reposted with the correction made, it wasn't a big one I just like things right  :thumbsup: Paul
  14. Paul Marvin

    Foel Grochan Diving ( Unseen Dive Footage )

    This has taken years to get some footage guys hope you enjoy it as much as we have producing it Edit: Minor adjustments made , hope you guys enjoy.
  15. Paul Marvin

    Peoples Opinion

    Hi Guys Just editing a virgin mine dive video that has not been filmed before and wonder if I should put info like depths breathing gas used and artefact names etc etc or will it look like stating thew obvious ?  :-\
  16. Paul Marvin

    What Did Members Do on Christmas Day ?

    We had a nice through trip at Rhiwbach Slate Mine with our Patterdale Terrier  ;D
  17. Paul Marvin

    Missing artifact ?

    Had a lovely through trip in rhiwbach today and noticed the the slate dresser has disappeared from the artifact chamber  :( The amount of tree down in the forest probably from the storm a few weeks back id quite astonishing, it looks like Miles has been busy with his chainsaw to make things...
  18. Paul Marvin

    Foal Grochan Info

    Hi Guys Finally managed to get some extensive underwater footage today .  :bounce: The purpose of this post is to say although the gate is still easy to negotiate , there has been a huge pile pf spoil put in front of it . Also the newer aluminium ladder(s) are now in a very very poor state and...
  19. Paul Marvin

    Wrysgan Mine Info

    Guys we have been in here 3 times and cant find the way through to the incline no matter how hard we have looked . We have been up the scree path inside turned right through the tunnel then behind the big salte lump to pick up the tracks and then we hit a dead end , where are we going wrong ? ...
  20. Paul Marvin

    Smallcleugh Mine Video ...

    One of the many in the Nenthead area guys if you have not visited  :thumbsup: Paul