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  1. Johnny

    Eller Beck Cave

    Someone has pilfered my Northern Caves 1 (someone who I thought I trusted) and I am looking into having a poke around the Caves/Mines at Eller Beck - Gretadale. Can anyone furbish me with the surveys/descriptions?
  2. Johnny

    Dave Whitely RIP

    Sad news I am afraid... I have just learnt that Dave Whitely has passed away. His funeral will be tomorrow, Tuesday 2nd of June, at 11am at Dukinfield Cemetry. There will be drinks in The Crown in Glossop afterwards.
  3. Johnny

    Wanted - Shark Skin Neoprene

    I need scraps of Shark Skin Neoprene; off-cuts old wetsuits etc. Currently trying to squeeze a bit more life from my wetsuits and I need to make some patches. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers JT
  4. Johnny

    Nice bit of underwater video

    Shaun at Hitch n Hike has posted some video footage on his website. It shows Simon C diving through to our last dig in Bagshawe Resurgence and is a great piece of video by Simon.
  5. Johnny

    Bagshawe Resurgence - The Connection

    Its gone! Simon Cornhill and I broke through the dig on Saturday. We put two shifts in each, me first using a sledge hammer and wrestling with boulders then Simon who made like a bulldozer and cleared a path to open passage where Simon B's line reel was sat, dead ahead, three metres away! After...
  6. Johnny

    Wanted; Electric Motor

    Don't suppose that anyone out there happens to have a single phase, 240v, 4hp, 3000rpm, electric motor kicking around? Trying to avoid spending ?200 at Machine Mart.
  7. Johnny

    Scoff O Bag

    Thought I might share my new 'Scoff O Bag' bouyancy device... Pull Dump Inflator Pull Dump String Guide
  8. Johnny

    CDG Training Camp 2009

    The Derbyshire Section will be hosting next years CDG Training Camp. The date for the camp will be the 13th and 14th of June. This date has been chosen as it is the same weekend as this years camp and it seemed the least likely date to clash with other caving events. The venue will be the...
  9. Johnny

    Mask Lost at Keld Head

    Lost my diving mask yesterday, probably at Keld Head. It's black and if anyone is passing could they please pop and have a look. Cheers John
  10. Johnny

    Lost - Red Medium Sized Tackle Sack - Swildons

    Medium sized red tackle sack with a reflective "Resue" sign on the front. Lost in the air-bell immidiately upstream of sump 3 in Swildons on Sat 24th May about 1pm. If found please let me know as Dan was quite attached to it. Cheers
  11. Johnny


    The response to the AGM invite has been excellent and it looks like it's going to be a good do! The TSG is looking busy, as SUSS also have a meeting on Saturday, although I have tried to dib room in the members bunk-room. I will be camping at pindale...
  12. Johnny

    Bagshawe Resurgence - Breakthrough at last!

    On Saturday 24th November 2007 Simon Brooks, John Taylor and Simon Cornhill made a breakthrough in sump II. Simon B and John dived to clear some boulders then Simon C dived and was first to brake new ground reeling out line from 11m at the dig face to 15m, all that was on the reel. On Thursday...
  13. Johnny

    Latest Info on AGM 2008

    CAVE DIVING GROUP ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING & DINNER SATURDAY 26TH APRIL 2008, CASTLETON, DERBYSHIRE The CDG Derbyshire Section would like to welcome you to join us in Castleton for the AGM and Dinner event on Saturday 26th April 2008. The venue for the day will be Castleton Village Hall which is...
  14. Johnny

    CDG AGM 2008

    The date of the 2008 CDG AGM will be Saturday 26th April and it will be hosted by the Derbyshire Section. Here's the plan so far... Meeting and presentations (slide-shows etc.) - Castleton Village Hall Two minutes walk from the TSG Hut. Evening Meal - The Peaks We...
  15. Johnny

    Luxfer Aluminium Cylinders

    This is probably not news to established divers but its something that I did not know. Luxfer Aluminium cylinders made with 6082 and 6351 alloys require NDT testing every 12months as well as an Hydro test every 24months and the NDT test is about £60  :o All HOAL cylinders are made from 6082...
  16. Johnny

    Cylinder Capacity

    Can anyone please help me decipher this? From the cylinder markings below, what are the tank capacities in litres? Cylinder #1 ICC-3AA2250 HJ131314 10 66+ Cylinder #2 CTCO273261 A771 TP4170PSI 10 69 WP2500PSI Cylinder #3 TP3000PSI 566 LR WP2500PSI HOT CTCO173841 Cylinder #4...
  17. Johnny

    300 bar cylinders

    Duncan Is that because of the type of cave diving that you prefer or because of the usefulness of 300bar 7's? Hope you guys dont mind but this excellent debate was straying from the original topic, 'Slinging Stage Cylinders', and I dont want it to be burried so I have split it out from the...
  18. Johnny

    Slinging Stage Cylinders

    Scenario; Cave has four sumps, first two will be done with 300bar 7's and the second two with 232bar 7's. Tanks will be side mounted. Question; What is the best way of carrying the 232 7's through the first two sumps? Had a dive through Peak Cavern Resurgance on Saturday with them mounted like...
  19. Johnny

    Knife Found in Buxton Water Sump

    It looks like it has been there for a while! An probably dates from less PC ridden times as it is called a Cressi-sub Killer
  20. Johnny

    Lost one of my torches

    Lost; One - Super Pelilight (bright yellow 2xC Cell torch) Peak Cavern Buxton Water Sump 18/02/06 Let me know if it floats your direction