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  1. pete_the_caver

    Carrying a Bosch GBH 18 V-Li

    Does anyone have a Bosch 18 V-Li (see picture) and if so, how do you protect it underground especially if needs to go through sumps?  It should fit in a 10 litre Daren drum(?) and if so, does anyone know of a cheep source of these? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. pete_the_caver

    Wellies again...

    Yes I know,  wellies have been discussed over the years, but it might be a good time to find out what people are wearing and what's on the market. Recently, I purchased a pair of wellies from Hay and Brecon Farmers.  They're PVC topped with a very grippy Nitrile sole. They are a large, very...
  3. pete_the_caver

    Voragine du Giaset

    Does anyone have any information about this cave, Voragine du Giaset (Voragine del Giaset in Italian) in the Commune of Lanslebourg in the Haute Maurienne, Savoie, France?  This cave was at the time, when my only source of information was published, the deepest cave of the Val di Susa at 232m...
  4. pete_the_caver

    Ecrin Roc helmets

    Does anyone know if it is possible to remove the clips in the rim of the Crin Roc helmet thereby allowing the shortening of the front straps?  This is because although this helmet has incredible adjustment, the plastic blocks that sit below the ears, are too low for people with very small heads
  5. pete_the_caver

    Llanelly Quarry Pot

    Please excuse me if for repeating this; I'm sure a posted this last week but can't find it any where.... During the Christmas cold snap Llanelly Quarry Pot was regularly buried in ice by what appeared to be fairly substantial frozen waterfalls with the entrance being plugged be solid ice. ...
  6. pete_the_caver

    New Zealand again

    I've lifted this from Facebook Since Chrismas, Kieran McKay and Aaron Gillespie have been exploring a hole located on the north ridge of Mt Arthur at an altitude of 1600 metres. After two trips they ran out of rope at minuus 170 metres in a huge chamber. The cave has a very strong wind blowing...
  7. pete_the_caver

    Ellis Basin, Arthur Range, kahurangi National Park, NW Nelson, New Zealand

    For anyone interested in this area, an Expedition is underway running from January 9th till the 31st January 2010 to extend and link various caves in the area to obtain the deepest cave in the southern hemisphere. Anyone interested can visit for more info. This trip will...
  8. pete_the_caver

    cavers taking the piss at Draenen

    On Saturday, I took a couple of Kiwi cavers on a round trip of Draenen; nothing special about that.  However later that day I felt rather embarrassed when my group, one out of the five teams in the cave that day, was the only one to visit the Lamb & Fox.  What made it even more embarrassing was...
  9. pete_the_caver

    West Brecon Cave Rescue Team fundraising at Abergavenny Waitrose

    Some time in the near future, Waitrose will be raising money for WBCRT.  If you are passing Abergavenny, please stop at Waitrose and if WBCRT are one the donation boxes, please buy something and put the green tokin you should receive and put it in our box. This will help raise money to rescue...
  10. pete_the_caver

    Fx-ion Batteries and chargers

    I have an FX-ion charger but now the Fx-ion battery has died.  Having dismantled the battery pack I have found it to be a single rather large PCB protected Li-ion cell and it appears that it is the cell that has failed rather than the PCB. As I would like to keep using this charger due to its...