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  1. D.Snaith

    Chudleigh Caves

  2. D.Snaith

    Chudleigh Caves

    None currently, have individual bca membership, just been to have a look at coombesend, found three caves two barred and one gated in a corrugated portal at the base of a small quarry. All have signs warning of “toxic gas”. Not sure if this is the correct one, the DCUC location mark is just in a...
  3. D.Snaith

    Chudleigh Caves

    Is Coombsend still open? Again any information I can find online is from a rather long time ago and if i recall correctly i read somewhere that the entrance was subject to landfill.
  4. D.Snaith

    Chudleigh Caves

    Unfortunately, from what i can see they do not appear to be in print anymore, I read about the Kingsteignton caves in some journals from another caving group, im assuming by how long ago these were it is unlikely that Rydon has the same landowner or any contact has been made with him for a...
  5. D.Snaith

    Chudleigh Caves

    That that is my own video, four separate small caves in it, although not certain on their names. Read the previous post too, regards to the book, can’t seem to find it anywhere.
  6. D.Snaith

    Chudleigh Caves

    Is there a map or description of the caves in Chudleigh, The only information I have been able to find is on the DCUC page, they mark a good twenty or so but the locations seem to be quite inaccurate and more so in the generalised area of… im finding it difficult to distinguish what each of them...
  7. D.Snaith

    Hilti Capping from a distance...

    Over the past few days i have been thinking of ways that you could capp from a distance as my current dig is very unstable and prone to collapse. Firing the hilti caps from a distance would be much safer however is proving to be a bit difficult. The video linked below shows my first attempt at a...
  8. D.Snaith

    Makita Drill - Wrong Hole

    After some debate, we decided to attempt a shaft to the adit below. The first pitch was a little sketchy, a 12ft length of carpet was used to protect the rope over the collar. About 15m down you land on a scree slope, heading up the slope you reach a large flooded winze shortly followed by a...
  9. D.Snaith

    Non-Petzl Descenders...

    just interested what descenders people use, other than the usual Petzl Stop and rack. Im liking the look of the Kong Indy and the SAR A B anybody had any experience with these?
  10. D.Snaith

    Club lamps

    Hi all, Im after a little advice. Our club was founded at the end of last year and over the past few weeks requests to come out with us and potentially join have been flooding in. We have just purchased a few helmets for the club but are a little stuck on what lamps to go for. Bare in mind we...
  11. D.Snaith

    Tape Security Link?

    I have just bought myself a set of the Alp Design Bafifia Cowstails (as seen on starless river) as i prefer to not have any rope attached to my harness. Does anybody know where i can get a single tail/security link (for hand jammer attachment) made from a similar material? Thanks in advance...
  12. D.Snaith

    SDS Batteries...

    Ok, i just managed to pick up a battery powered SDS Drill, its the Hitachi DH24DVC, however the battery on it is not great. Any recommendations on where i could pick up some batteries at a reasonable price or any home build ideas (bearing in mind im not the greatest with electronics). All the...