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  1. JefeBo55

    Green rope in Giants?

    Was there last Tuesday, it's not majorly inconvenient and you can still use the pull down ring. Just of a dubious condition so wouldn't want anyone to commit to it!
  2. JefeBo55

    Green rope in Giants?

    Skinny dynamic rope left on the Crab Walk abseil in Giants?? Just about works on a simple but not in the best nick! Does anyone own or can I remove?
  3. JefeBo55

    Ultimate Snack

    What's everyones go to snack when taking something underground? Sweet or savoury, or do you not even bother!?!
  4. JefeBo55

    Oxlow - Eastern Chamber

    Does anyone know what's down the hole with the ladder in? Wasn't feeling brave enough to climb down without a rope! And also bottom of the 2nd pitch there's a rope going up, again, not feeling brave enough to just run up it, how old is the rope and bolts? Feel free to call me a scaredey cat  :lol:
  5. JefeBo55

    Do you need to book Alum Pot?

    Hi all, Do I need to book Alum Pot? Specifically Diccan and going down Dolly Tubs ete etc. TIA
  6. JefeBo55

    Water Icicle Survey

    Does anybody have a survey for WICC I could have a gander at? Searched Google and this site and couldn't find one! TIA  ;D
  7. JefeBo55

    Masson Cave

    Can anyone point me towards the entrance on this survey. Ta
  8. JefeBo55

    Next best helmet?

    Hi all, I have an ecrin roc that I know isn't going to last forever sadly and was wondering what the next best helmet is! For reference I also have  Vertex and find it really tall and I smash my head on everything! Tia
  9. JefeBo55

    JH insitu rope by Leviathan

    Came across the below whilst searching for JH rigging guides. Has probably been sorted but just thought I'd mention it! Post is from 2015. The in situ rope that runs on to the top of the Leviathan pitch that has a label "This rope needs replacing in 2010 or before if damaged" appears to have...
  10. JefeBo55

    Survey for Stream Passage pot to main chamber

    Hi, Does anyone have copy of a survey for the above? Digital Preferred but if Inglesport sell them happy to purchase! Thanks
  11. JefeBo55

    Bottom of Snelslow Swallet

    Hi All, Does anyone know what's at the bottom of Snelslow? From where you bottom in the main chamber does the other shaft lead anywhere? There are no bolts in there at present. Do I need permission to put some bolts in to go down it? TIA
  12. JefeBo55

    Knee pads

    What doe people reckon are the best knee pads you can buy? Looking for best comfort and durability. Not gunna beat around the Bush, I'm not a small human and I've gone through 2 sets of knee pads in a year! Any particular brand better than others?? I've got Beaver ones currently and have...
  13. JefeBo55

    Mandale Mine survey

    Hi All, As the subject suggests does anyone have a digital survey or know where one is online for Mandale! Tia
  14. JefeBo55

    Petzl Stop or Simple

    Sorry if this has been asked before! What are peoples thoughts between a Petzl Simple or a Petzl Stop? If used with a breaking krab is there a huge difference other than the stop has a camming action? thanks
  15. JefeBo55

    Cave topos?

    Hi All, New to Uk Caving and caving in general, some friends finally convinced me to get into it and I have to admit I think i really enjoy it! Is there anywhere on the website that I'm not finding that has Cave maps and topos? Keen to find some places to explore rather than relying on my...