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  1. vanoord

    AN may come back, it may not. Quite a lot of the site has been rebuilt and the database is functional with the mine details, images and documents, but the log in doesn't yet work for the database side. Quite a lot of effort was put into finding a way of rebuilding the website sooner, but...
  2. vanoord

    Croesor Rhosydd - Boat is stuck

    And if you know how to use it! But I'd add that it's better if one person who does know what they're doing gets out and calls for assistance rather than someone with the wrong kit / inexperienced gets into trouble on the rope. Much better to be sat on a rock for three hours than dangling from...
  3. vanoord

    Croesor Rhosydd - Boat is stuck

    Per NWCRO's Facebook page: "During the course of the incident one of the missing persons managed to exit the system and was able to provide further details to the team." / " ... the second person had become exhausted and was unable to climb the final pitch out of the system, but was otherwise...
  4. vanoord

    Croesor Rhosydd - Boat is stuck

    Boat is stuck about 4m from the Croesor side. If anyone is going in, it would benefit from being freed off, which will likely require taking a dinghy (or wetsuit) to sort it out.
  5. vanoord

    Cave Rescue called to Croesor Can anyone cast any light on this please? Description from YouTube: " Added: August 24, 2008 (Less info) Working with North Wales Cave Rescue & Aberglaslyn Mountain Rescue Team in evacuating missing cavers.5 cavers set off at 4pm no Saturday to do...
  6. vanoord

    Photography competition - win headlamps & books!

    With Bubba’s permission (thank you!) a quick plug for the 2007 AditNow photo competition - The subject of photographs this year is "what we've left behind". Mine and quarry related, but hopefully of interest to enough people here to make this...
  7. vanoord

    Stenlight in the UK

    Copying a thread from elsewhere: StenLight are now available in the UK at Prices look comparable to (if not slightly better than) the US price once you've taken import duty and VAT into consideration. I'm almost considering saving up, but I wouldn't mind...