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  1. Duncan

    Wanted: Second hand gear for expedition!

    There's a good account of this adventure - with lots of pictures - here:
  2. Duncan

    Caving Games

    High Tea: Pour tea into a mug while raising the pot higher and higher above the mug. The Footprint Game: Run at a wall and then leap up and leave a footprint as high as possible.
  3. Duncan

    Joujar - deep cave in Iran

    They're in good hands, being maintained by Paul Burger:
  4. Duncan

    Arthur T Millet

    Another unique character gone. I only met Arthur a few times. One was when he appeared at an otherwise deserted Whitewalls minutes after my group, which had been trapped for 17 hours at The Restaurant by flood waters, arrived back at the hut. Arthur had noted we were overdue, must have had a...
  5. Duncan

    Dachstein Booby-trap

    A story on about a near-miss with a booby-trapped belay on the Dachstein.  My german isn't up to much, but (using it seems that a 38-year-old caver (who happens to be a policeman) found that a belay used to access a cave had been modified so that it would dump a...
  6. Duncan

    -2000m, Krubera (Voronya)

    According to an email I recieved from my friend Vladimir Yurkuns, Ukranian cavers have pushed Krubera (Voronya) cave to more than 2000m deep. I have no further info at the moment, but subject to confirmation of having broken the 2k barrier, BLOODY GOOD EFFORT! Duncan