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  1. Wolfart

    Centre Parcs caving experiance

    Sherwood Forest Centre Parcs has a new activity a 110 m indoor cave complete with climbs, squeezes, sump, and formations I assume made from fibre glass. I did not go into it as I thought the cost for 55 mins was ?20 for adults ?17 for kids a little to pricey as is the rest of the activities in...
  2. Wolfart

    Hidden Earth 2011

    Thanks Les and Wendy and team,back room staff you all deserve a pat on the back. :clap2: :clap2: :clap2: :clap2: Fantastic weekend, already looking forward to next year where ever it is. :clap2: :clap2: :clap2: :clap2: :clap2: :clap2: :clap2:
  3. Wolfart

    Hidden Earth - Welsh Miners, A Minutes Silence?

    Could I make a request that at the Hidden Earth conference at Monmouth next weekend at the opening and/or closing ceremony that we have a minute silence  for the lost miners and there families.
  4. Wolfart

    NSS Convention Colorado USA 2011

    Just seen the DVD for the NSS in the states for next year beautiful country scape in the Rockies,only problem for me its the last week of school term,18th -22nd July,may try to get the week off if I can get a cheap flight 2011 NSS Convention in Glenwood Springs, CO
  5. Wolfart


    I hope you all have a Happy New year and may your finds be great wether it be long or short,in any country  :clap2:
  6. Wolfart

    Amusing science exam results

    If you need a good laugh, try reading through these children's science exam answers... > > >  > Q: Name the four seasons. > A: Salt, pepper, mustard and vinegar. > > Q: Explain one of the processes by which water can be made safe to drink. > A: Flirtation makes water safe to drink...
  7. Wolfart

    Patron saint of cavers?

    After reading about caver tattoos and the god Zotz,the bat god,got me to thinking about saints ,is there a patron sanit for cavers if not could we not designate one. :halo:
  8. Wolfart

    Promoting your caving club

    Just spent a succseful day in Hereford town promoting our caving club with a display of what we do and where we go with photo's ,art work, kit and publications and other stuff.The result was that quite a lot of people were interested in what we do(only 2 negative about putting other peoples...
  9. Wolfart

    ISSA art exhibition Wells Somerset "Painters in Darkness"

    We have put on another art exhibition at Wells museum so if you are in the area with a few minuetes to spare pop in and have a look,it is on from the 6th April to the 19th April
  10. Wolfart

    Favourite Boxing Day trip

    Just interested where is your favourite Boxing day trip?  :-\ Ours is always Craig A Ffynonn Good to work off that Turkey or Goose and  :beer2:
  11. Wolfart

    Elf tossing game

    Thought this might be a bit of festive fun to wile away those dreary nights before christmas
  12. Wolfart

    Youngest Caver?

    Wondering what or who was/is the youngest caver to go caving? Looking forward to taking grandson underground in the future.
  13. Wolfart

    Cannock Chase ?

    Just spent 3 days with 120 (yes 120 ) school kids at Beaudesert Camp at Cannock chase. I know it was a mining area in the past but does anyone know if ther are any mines there to visit /explore or caves? P.S. The kids had a great time doing all sorts of activities from adventure games to raft...
  14. Wolfart


    Just inquirng does anyone know the lifespan of an electron ladder? This was discussed at our committe meeting as ours have been in the club since 1992 and they are still in good order,no rust and swaged ends by the rungs are still in place
  15. Wolfart

    Grow your own

    In this day of food prices ever on the increase how many of you out there grow your own fruit and vegetables weather at home or on an allotment. :-\ Me  I grow my own. 1. Its rewarding. 2. It tastes better (I don't use chemicals,all organic) 3. Its a lot bloody cheaper and better than...
  16. Wolfart

    Now some bad news

    My caving trips have been put on hold for a while due to trying to slice through my thumb on the bandsaw,just managed to stop before going all the way through OUCH  :'( Looking on the bright side i get out of doing the housework for the weekend :lol:
  17. Wolfart

    How about some good news

    ;DHow about starting a good news thread as i am fed up reading bad,depresing news I will start. I am about to become a grand father(will let you know when it arrives)so does anyone know where i can get a very small caving suit and helmet :bounce:
  18. Wolfart

    How do they do this? Type in your first name Then your surname. Leave line 3 & 4. Click on vizular and see what happens. Beats me how they do it so quick :-\
  19. Wolfart

    STRESS BUSTER Try this site if you are feeling stressed out :thumbsup:
  20. Wolfart

    Some bad drivers You will love the last one, how to load a car in the supermarket