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  1. Mark

    Very silly pics

  2. Mark

    Peak cavernTrenches, mud collapse

    From JB's diary "Sunday 12th December 1976. Peak Cavern. A big crowd set off. Garry, Keith and I went to Maypole Inlet to continue digging. Bill took a party to the Treasury dig; Mark Noble, Chris, Norman, and three Orpheus members. They broke into the expected aven, and climbed 20ft to a...
  3. Mark

    Caving hut tierlists

    The old thunder box just to the right was a real treat, I remember one of my mates was busting for a dump, he backed into the thunder box, trousers down, sat down heavily and his arse burst through the crust which had formed on top (the drum was brimming) he ended up in a right mess and had to...
  4. Mark

    Recent posts?

    Seems to have sorted itself now, thanks
  5. Mark

    Recent posts?

    I don't know if its just on my MacBook? but the latest posts window (pic below) does not reflect the actual most recent posts on the threads?
  6. Mark

    Anybody selling a Disto X2?

    Has anyone tried a post on LinkedIn, there must be thousands of old Disto x2s, sat in surveyors drawers taking up room. might be worth a try, you never know
  7. Mark

    British Fluorspar

    Could be worth a look, what did the water come out of
  8. Mark

    British Fluorspar

    What was on the other side of the main drive (where the Dowse water went) was it filled in or blocked up?
  9. Mark

    A golden opportunity?

    You could do worse
  10. Mark

    A golden opportunity?

    Gold is only going to go up in value, are you certain it's not legit
  11. Mark

    David William Gill 1941-2024

    Another top bloke gone, he had posted on Facebook two days earlier how he was recovering, so bit of a shock this morning
  12. Mark

    This sort of thing exasperates me!

    "Where a kitten gets wedged tight and almost drowns" would do it for me It needs some piss take vids out there
  13. Mark

    2023 Cave Exploration Prize and SSSI Monitoring Draw

    If you click on the main header menu's, on the page it takes you to the links don't work, if you click on the main header menu's and then on the dropdown sub menu's the link will open? I think it is the same on the other pages accessed from the main header?
  14. Mark

    2023 Cave Exploration Prize and SSSI Monitoring Draw

    Quite a few of the DCA website links don't work for me?
  15. Mark

    ....and the cave passage this represents is??

    I'll suggest Lay-by Pot but its possibly not the one your thinking of?
  16. Mark

    £12 million pound Public liability claim?

    Just reading through DCA minutes and they mention this item at the September BCA meeting. What was the event that required a payout of that magnitude?
  17. Mark

    Digging in Showerbath Cave, Portland

    Looks like you are about to hit a prominent joint, could well be?
  18. Mark

    Notification of Derbyshire Caving Association Meetings on Monday 19th February 2023

    The link works for me now but the link to previous minutes doesn't?
  19. Mark

    Notification of Derbyshire Caving Association Meetings on Monday 19th February 2023

    I don't know if its just me but I get Error establishing a database connection When I click the link (both on MacBook and iPhone)?
  20. Mark

    Lamp & Check Meet - South Yorks

    It was the Hardy Patent Pick Co, I used to live round the corner