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  1. JAM

    What channel and which day?.

    Hello all, when was the big breakthrough aired on tv and which channel and program was it connected too? Cheers
  2. JAM

    !!WICC ALERT!!

    ***WARNING*** Anybody venturing into the new South Passage extentions are SERIOUSLY advised NOT to venture in to the "Oh No!" choke dig. Last night saw a significant collapse occur from the roof above the dig face. I was sent a nice little warning immediately before the collapse, affording me...
  3. JAM

    WICC has GONE again!!

    Hello folks, I'm pleased to announce that WICC has gone again!!!  For further details see Hitch n Hike website. Cheers.  :thumbsup: ;D
  4. JAM

    Horse Shoe

    I was plodding around the top of quarry not so long ago when I stumbled upon what appears to be one infilled shaft. Not sure if it is totally filled or just plugged, that's anyone's guess. Anyway, shaft is located at roughly 2070 7605 or there about. Any of you Stoney lot have any idea where it...
  5. JAM

    Derbyshire Digs

    Just sitting here wondering who's out there digging and where ? Would it be a good idea to have a Wiki list of who's doing what, just so folk know where NOT to dig? Cheers, Rich
  6. JAM

    Knotlow East-Chrimo

    Hello all, just a brief note to let you know that the connection between East level sough and Chimbo Pipe has been re-established It was done over three sundays by a few good men and myself. Anybody wishing to have a bash might want to know that it's tight, wet and muddy and there's a duck to...
  7. JAM

    Lower Cales Dale

    Went into LCD with another Orpheus member late yesterday evening and managed to crawl / slide up until we reached that first big chamber. Anyone know what it's called ? We then scuttled down another tightish bit unilt we came to some nice stal; again, what's this passage called........ AND...
  8. JAM

    A question aimed at PDMHS folk.

    I went up to Snake Mine (in the dark), Hopton Wood and found 2 shafts. One was at the other end of a access tunnel under the mangled stone building and looked to be about 30 - 40 ft deep. The other one was positioned about 25ft NW "asuming you are facing the access tunnel" and I couldn't gauge...
  9. JAM

    Ricklow Quarry caves ?

    Hi folks, Has anyone here had a play around in the caves at the back of Ricklow ? I was out for a walk with the better half when our geological guide to lathkill dale lead us to Ricklow quarry. My map mentioned nothing of caves in that particular area, so you could imagine my suprise when I...
  10. JAM

    Cave in Crowdicote

    Hi folks, new here and a wannabe caver... I've a question about a cave next to or very near a phone box in crowdicote anybody know which one I mean ?  Down the hill from the pub, if I remember rightly, was many year ago I last passed that way. I did pop my head inside for a little look around...
  11. JAM

    Wannabe caver....

    Hi all, names Rich and i'm from Derby. Now i've had a strange draw to caves all my life, always nipping in to one whenever I spotted a hole in rock face. I never really ventured to far into these though, knowing what dangers may await an unequipped individual. Now I'm interested in getting into...