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  1. Peregrina

    First Aid Kits

    It needs to be small enough that once the initial novelty has worn off you can still be bothered to carry it underground! I'd take just as well-equipped a first aid kit leading a group into something really easy like Peak or the Churns as on the surface because bulk isn't really an issue, but...
  2. Peregrina

    Book of the Week on Radio 4: Underland by Robert Macfarlane

    Book of the Week on Radio 4: Underland by Robert Macfarlane "In his eagerly awaited new book, Robert Macfarlane muses on the worlds beneath our feet. Abridged for radio by Katrin Williams. In this the Anthropocene Age, life underground is ecologically and delicately poised... And then he...
  3. Peregrina

    SUSS Booking the PSM

    Hi all, I've looked for old posts on here about booking the PSM and they all lead to the website of ARSIP, here: http://s391384129.onlinehome.fr/arsip/ It looks like this website doesn't exist anymore - and I haven't found anything more up-to-date, so could anyone point me in the right...
  4. Peregrina

    SUSS rescue training 15/12/18 short report

    On Saturday the 15th SUSS met up for a full day of rescue training at an IRATA training venue in Sheffield that Access Techniques Ltd very kindly allowed us to use. We try to have a few training sessions like this spread across the year as they provide an excellent guilt-free excuse not to go...
  5. Peregrina

    Workaways near caving regions

    Backpackers travelling on the cheap sometimes use schemes like Workaway, helpx, and WWOOF which list hosts around the world who will put you up and feed you, for a few days to a few months, in return for 20 - 25 hours of work a week. These are usually smallholdings, B&Bs or families who could...
  6. Peregrina

    New p-hanger in Giant's as of December

    I did the Giant's round trip in mid-December, and there was a p-hanger in there that has recently been added. It was on the climb down from the top of the Crabwalk on the way back to Garland's and it was labelled as having just been installed. We were curious as to why it's been put in? There...