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    Why AI and Algorithms are utter rubbish

    I grew up just outside "uddersfield and often heard my grandparents say "Ah'm clemmed t' de'ath" (Hungry) and Ah'm starved t' de'ath" (Cold)
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    Best Ever Costume Worn In A Song

    Peter Gabriel - one of many costumes.
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    Ladders are best

    If you want to see expert laddering, check out Fred Dibnah's videos.
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    Poland, Jura, Caves.

    In 1974, we had a trip to Poland. See Dave Gill's book. Visited Czarna, Mietusia and, of course, Sniezna/Nad kotlinami. Excellent caves, wonderful people.
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    A golden opportunity?

    I once had a great "opportunity" to help a group of "white Zimbabwean farmers" get their money out of the country before it could be acquired by Robert Mugabe. Points for creativity but not much else - the details were beyond stupid!
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    Best Ever Motown Songs

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    David William Gill 1941-2024

    RIP Dave. What a great bloke and a great loss. He typified the hard men of the Eldon in the 60s and 70s and was a driving force behind so many expeditions - I was privileged to be with him on a few of those - PSM, Poland, Nare in PNG and China, as well as on a wide variety of Eldon trips over...
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    ....and the cave passage this represents is??

    Probably wouldn't use a posser in those...
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    NCHECC antics at Alum Pot

    At the risk of starting a ladders vs SRT debate, why would anyone NOT put a ladder on a 20 foot pitch, such as SAY Garland's Pot in Giants. It's just too much faffing about with ascenders etc. Talking of Garland's, if it's wet, a ladder and a strong lifeline will get people out quicker and...
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    Do you ever find treasure underground?

    There's a midden in Ashford Black Marble mine that has (had?) a wooden clog sole, obviously the clogs had fallen apart. The sad thing is that it was only about six inches long - child labour...
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    Random encounters with cavers

    On a walking holiday in Interlaken in Switzerland, I spotted a colourful bug on the footpath and bent down to look at it, nearly knocking heads with someone doing the same thing. Turns out it was another Eldon member!
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    Jerry Wooldridge

    His good mate Paul Deakin always used to refer to him as Woolly Jerryridge - something to do with the beard! A sad loss indeed.
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    Professor Zhu Xuewen 1933-2023

    Very sad; what a humorous and polite gentleman he was. And an excellent ballroom dancer, if I recall.
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    Travels with a Donkey Pete Livesey

    Yep, had a few fun nights there! And, as Jon said, he was a very generous man with his mates. Another great caving character!
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    Travels with a Donkey Pete Livesey

    At the risk of hijacking the post, there are very many stories that could be told about Ken, numerous of them with potential legal implications (although Ken passed away a few years ago). We took Ken to the punk disco, The Ranch, in Manchester and then afterwards he took us to one of his haunts...
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    Paul Deakin

    You're welcome!!! :devilish:
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    Paul Deakin

    Paul sent me a DVD with all the photos taken in the Berger from 1985 - 1988, if that's of interest.
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    Paul Deakin

    This appears to be a spectacularly counter-intuitive site to try and negotiate. Any ideas on how to actually view the total images?
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    Paul Deakin

    What's PNG Pot?
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    Paul Deakin

    Streaker Sue from Southampton... But maybe not the nude photos of Luton Ron...