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    Makita Drill - The Last Time I Dug In Goyden

    Our housemate George had a day off work so I persuaded him to join us this week for his first digging session with the Black Sheep on the proviso he only had to do surface digging. We picked Vicky up from work and drove out to meet with other seasoned diggers Chris, Alex and Ralf. The first...
  2. K

    Petzl Rack Bars

    First off all, I am not in any way trying to instigate any debate over which kind of descenders are the best. I own a Petzl rack, have done for about a decade and am very happy with it. I do however have a couple of question for other rack users: * How often do people find they end up...
  3. K

    Digs Close to Bull Pot Farm

    I was hoping someone can help out my curiousity... There is a line of shakeholes containing digs to the east of Fell Road before it bends to reach Bull Pot Farm. I understand one of these is Top Tip. What is the other? Are either worth a visit? Does Hidden Pot receive much footfall? Thanks, Kev
  4. K

    Encouraging more new people to go caving.

    There are so many opinions on this board and yet I'm surprised this isn't the main topic of debate, especially given the talk by David Checkley at HE. How as a community should we be giving the sport a better profile and encourage more people to take part? I know many prominent board members...