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    Lovers walk

    Quite a number of mines in that area and the broader area, Matlock down as far Willersley. A lot of entrances were blocked in the 1960s - 1970s. I will watch this post with interest.
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    Caves closest to pubs

    That was the stuff of legend when I started caving in the late 1960s. The level was there as was the connection via a sough and shaft from the river bank, prior to road widening. There were stories about cavers emerging between beer barrels. A connection with the Devonshire Mine was dismissed...
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    Derby Telegraph 5th July 2023 "Explorer takes us inside old mine that is rarely seen by the public"

    One of the pictures posted on the named website showed a sign stating that the mine was railway property. Mines which pass under the railway would naturally be on interest to the operator but this does raise another question regarding access.
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    Derby Telegraph 5th July 2023 "Explorer takes us inside old mine that is rarely seen by the public"

    Agreed. It is worth stating that trespass changes from a civil to criminal offence, in addition to the reasons stated, if the person refuses to leave or makes further visits. Trespass (Civil) can become Aggravated Trespass (Criminal). Behaviour likely to cause a breach of the peace is another...
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    Derby Telegraph 5th July 2023 "Explorer takes us inside old mine that is rarely seen by the public"

    My mistake, with apologies to anyone's who wasted time in searching - Lost Places and Forgotten Faces is the facebook page. I have sent a stiff letter to the editor but a letter from a responsible underground organisation would of course be a lot better. As for the nature of this newspaper it...
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    Derby Telegraph 5th July 2023 "Explorer takes us inside old mine that is rarely seen by the public"

    An article with the above title has been published based on information provided by "solo explorer Lost Places and Forgotten Places" on a trip to the colour works below High Tor and "although lacking proper equipment took the opportunity to check it out anyway". High Tor grotto "checked out" and...
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    Kingsdale bore

    I have seen the River Manifold do that.
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    Via Gellia woods up for sale

    I agree with the comment above regarding the rising price of woodland and the prices quoted for the Via Gellia woodlands going way beyond these. I note that the agents offer advice for would-be investors. Maybe aiming at someone who wants to tuck some funds away, free of tax and with a long...
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    Via Gellia woods up for sale

    The "potential liabilities" idea makes sense but selling it all off is a bit drastic (having said that I was once offered, maybe not altogether seriously, some woodland very cheap for the same reason). Much more drastic would be losing a Derbyshire scenic landmark to timber extraction, along...
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    Via Gellia woods up for sale

    The woodland for sale comprises all that which covers the sides of the valley from Bonsal to Grange Mill. The agent's description places emphasis on timber extraction. This would damage archaeological remains and as for the SSSI status that is being ignored. More, new discoveries could be made...
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    Underground Glamping

    I once took my hedgelaying mentor to view Salmon leaping on the River Dove. On the way we walked through some woodland and I was given a comprehensive talk on what timbers would be used for what, and which would rot if sawn, rather than left whole or cleft. Conversely, those which could be sawn...
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    I used to think potholers were mad - but . . .

    My Sardinian son-in-law told me that when he was a lad, he and his friends would use a mix of kerosene and water, which when ignited would send a an empty food can into the air. They raised their funds to buy the kerosene by collecting scrap metal and selling it. One day they collected a lot of...
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    Friday joke - WARNING - contains swearing.

    I went to hospital for surgery on trapped nerves in my wrist and arm. In the anaesthetic room I received a friendly, social greeting, which included "where did you work? I answered "here" (I worked in Nurse Education). The "fun" started when a medical student tried to insert a venflon into a...
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    Ball Eye Mine

    Did I see a For Sale sign on that quarry when I passed recently?
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    Historical Caving Attire

    Isn't there a risk of spontaneous combustion from pressure build up of Acetylene in a sealed container? This could apply to carrying (almost) spent Calcium Carbide out of caves. I have wondered which came first in blowing up glass bottles - a popular pastime from before my time, which I would...
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    Historical Caving Attire

    Caving with a candle stuck on a 60's fibre helmet makes a hole in the helmet - I tried it once!
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    Historical Caving Attire

    You are not the first person, on seeing that photograph, to mention the beard, which I thought of as being perfectly normal/reasonable at the time. I was working in a hospital and would occasionally be reminded that my hair and beard were getting long. On applying for further training at another...
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    Historical Caving Attire

    Sometime early to mid 1970s. Wetsuit made from a kit (pattern plus materials), otherwise army stores long underwear, football shirts and wooly jumpers, with boiler suit over. Australian Army nailed climbing boots discovered behind the counter in Wakefields, Nife cell and 'stinky'.
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    Best timber for stemples?

    One day some years ago I was walking through some woodland with my hedgelaying mentor, who told me then about different timbers used for fence posts and rails. Something which struck home but I sadly cannot remember the details of now was that some timbers rot if sawn but not if split (and some...
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    Friday joke - WARNING - contains swearing.

    I recall a news item from some years ago which suggested that no-one in Prince Andrew's household was safe.