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Search results

  1. J

    Looking for AV Titan (M)

    Hi all! My suit has officially died. Just thought I'd see if anybody got a spare AV Titan size M lyin' round I could buy of you? Message me at Jakob.annerdal@gmail.com ! Cheers guys!
  2. J

    WANTED: Warmbac Oversuit 174cm, Size L (AV Titan also of interest)

    Title pretty much sais it all! My suit is almost done for, and I need a replacement! I cave mostly in the Mendips so hence the Warmbac. But I'd also like a nicer suit for when I go other places to cave! If you've got anything laying around, message me @ Jakob.annerdal@gmail.com PS: I am all...
  3. J

    WANTED: Pantin & Raumer Handy

    Title pretty much says it all! Looking for a foot ascender (For example a Pantin) and a Raumer Braking crab! If you've got either for sale, give me a shout at: Jakob.annerdal@gmail.com
  4. J

    Where to rig rappel for Hades Cave, Avon Gorge?

    The title sais is all. I live close to Hades Cave and would (for future purposes) like to know which tree to use to end up on the right ledge? I tried the climb, but it was a little too much for me to freesolo - so I'd rather tackle it from above on SRT gear. Anyone have a clue?
  5. J

    Wanted: Various specific SRT kit

    Hello! I've been gifted a start to my SRT kit for xmas! I figured I'd ask around and see if i can scramble up the rest too! I have a pretty good idea what I would get.. Petzl Superavanti Petzl Croll Petzl Basic If you've got these laying around unused, hit me up on email...
  6. J

    WANTED: Oversuit 174cm M (Warmbac Center, AV?) + Torch (HP55, Petzl Pixa 3)

    Title says it all! I'm new in caving and the only things I'm missing is a second light and a suit! Text me at 0046705454618 or email Jakob.annerdal@gmail.com Thanks