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    Trip into Goyden Sat 17th

    Couple of divers in the main Goyden system this Sat 17th. We have 1 sherpa that needs a caving buddy for trip whilst we are diving anyone available?
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    Selling my cyklon 5000s on ebay

    Just to inform anyone who's after some diving regs. I'm selling these that I bought last year, second hand, but never used. They will need a service. Also selling a depth gauge http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/2x-Poseidon-Cyklon-5000-diving-regs-regulators-1st-and-2nd-stages-/322147562848?nav=SEARCH
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    Dowbergill survey and route description

    Hi Can anyone advise me of a good route description and survey to aid route finding through dowbergill passage please
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    Black Sheep Diggers - Meets

    Black Sheep Diggers concentrate on the Goyden  system. We have connected Manchester hole to Goyden to make a dry through trip. We have connected New Goyden to Frog Pot (aqua mole) to make a dry through trip. Our main aim now is making the final connection between Goyden and Frog Pot. This is...
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    Brian Andrew Kerr - did he die in Goyden pot?

    Not much info out there on the web. 1957 the 20 year old art student's belongings were found in Goyden. His body never found. It is suggested that he may have faked his death, does anyone have any further info on this case?
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    Goyden Diggging event

    5th September Dead Dog Dig in Aqua Mole series (Frog Pot) Goyden. SRT required, Meeting in Crown Car Park at 8am for breakfast on the Saturday 5th.