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    Beaver undersuit mens S/M £30

    Hi Ian, Please can I have this if its still available? Will send you a pm. Thanks, Phil.
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    Have you visited the British Caving library?

    I've used the library several times and have to say it's been incredibly useful for researching sites where we've had projects, and the service has always been excellent.
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    The Derbyshire Caver, No. 158

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    Sinkhole in the River Wye near Buxton

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-derbyshire-68830889 Apparently caused my mining subsidence. Interesting! Anyone got more details?
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    Rowter Hole Update

    Brilliant stuff! Thanks for posting.
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    2023 Cave Exploration Prize and SSSI Monitoring Draw

    Well done all! Sadly I couldn't submit Ganthony Hole for the new cave award as there is no access agreement in place; it's a bit delicate but will be negotiated in due course. However, we may well have another new cave for this year's competition!
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    P8 Dig Diary Number 2 - Bens dig

    Great stuff, keep it up!
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    Clatterway Dangerously Unstable

    Great work!
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    My book "A series of short passages"

    Somehow this one escaped my purchase! But, I would love a copy! Will pm you. Thank you for this generous offer!
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    Via Gellia/ Matlock mines book published by PDMHS? Any update?

    I'm also desperate for this to be published!!
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    Eyam Dale House Cave - Access Change

    Just seen the video. What a bunch of muppets.
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    Rowter Hole Update

    Thanks Mark and Mark for these excellent and very exciting updates!!
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    Sharbutt's 2

    Thanks for the updates!
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    Rowter Hole Update

    Brilliant! Well done.
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    Trouble at t'Cressbrook Mill

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    Trouble at t'Cressbrook Mill

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    Rowter Hole Update

    Great stuff; thanks for the updates!!
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    Harry Long's caving book is out at last!

    Excellent. Added to Christmas Wish List!
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    Derbyshire Explorers Forum 2023

    Meat Pie for me please.