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    Daren Cilau

    Sunday 14th July 09:30am, two divers begin to amass diving equipment at a quiet Welsh resurgence ready for the days diving/ caving activities. The water flowing down the valley appeared clear and little flow was coming out of the resurgence due to the lack of recent rains. The plan for the day...
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    Found: light in Swildon's Sump 2

    Found a light today in the downstream end of sump 2 in Swildon's. Make/ description and it can be returned, it doesn't seem to switch on so is either broken or flat
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    LIVE NOW !

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    LNRC now open

    Today the entrance for LNRC was cleared from the inside by  a group of people on a CDG training camp trip so is now open to cavers again. Not sure how long it had been blocked but it was well choked with sticks and vegetation and needed about 10 minutes work with a crow bar.
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    A Sherpa's Day Off

    Forty eight hours earlier four people had heard a strange humming noise coming from a sump pool at the bottom of a 25m pitch that bars the way on to the rest of the cave. The objective was to put a second team of divers into the final sump to confirm the findings of the first team who had...
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    Drill Review

    So a few weeks ago I decided to buy myself a drill, I decided to take a risk on one that doesn't appear to have been tested in caves before as its relatively cheap (compared with Makitas), small/ light and takes SDS plus bits. Bolting is what I had it in mind for, and it is likely that it would...
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    DIY hangers

    Has anyone made their own hangers ? I have seen a few which look homemade... I am thinking of making some out of some stainless angle section, any tips or pointers about sizes or thickness of material ? This is more for hand line stuff rather than technical rigging...
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    10 months later...

    Early in 2016 I visited the ?Lot? department in France famed for its rivers, valleys, forests and amongst other French delights it Karst landscape. The region is littered with caves and is a well known destination for cavers & divers worldwide. It is somewhere I have known about for many years...
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    Disto Calibration Jig

    I am new to cave surveying so this might not be useful what so ever... Anyway this is what I have been using to make calibrating faster and easier Its a wooden jig then can be rested in various orientations mimicking the invisible cube required for calibrations. Lie it flat, stand it up or...
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    Bottom of Rowten twice in one day...

    I didn't set out this morning with the intention of visiting the bottom of Rowten twice today, my original plan included Jingling (as I only had enough rope for that with me) and Rowten via the sumps. Whilst looking for a suitable layby to park in I saw a man struggling up the side of hill...
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    Free to a good home..

    Having a bit of a garage clear out and have a few items to get rid of, cant bring myself to throw them away.. a NDiver 4mm compressed neoprene dry suit (boots leak and hasn't been dived for quite  a few years, otherwise in good condition) will suit someone tall (6ft ish) and skinny a NDiver...
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    LOST Near Valley Entrance, Kingsdale

    Hi All, Had a great trip at the weekend taking in Lancaster Hole to Wreched Rabbit, Simpsons Pot to Valley Entrance, Pipikin Pot to Mistal and Bar pot popping through to Gaping Gill. The only down side was i managed to lose a tackle bag at the start of the high level traverse which we took...
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    Mid week trips on Mendip

    Hi All Been lurking for a while.... got back into caving at the tail end of last year, joining a local club will be my next move (seems like there's lots of choice in the Mendips.. any pointers welcome !)  Due to work commitments my caving mostly takes place midweek rather than at weekends...