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    Giants Hole

    Lost at Giants yesterday 10m ladder, spreader, belay device pulley crab, two 15 Beale ropes, the items were left on the wall in the car park and when we realised we had left them and returned, they had gone.
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    Bishopdale Gavel Pots/West Pasture Scar Cave

    I have read the Wensleydale section of Caves and Karst of the Yorkshire Dales vol2 it states that most of the water sinking in the Bishopdale Gavel Pots resurges at West Pasture Scar Cave does anyone know if this has been proven by dye testing.
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    Faggergill Mine Cave

    I have just been reading the Swaledale section of vol 2 of Caves and Karst of the Yorkshire Dales and was surprised about the size and amount of passage in Faggergill Mine Cave does anyone know if there is any access to this site.
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    Clipping To P-Bolts

    I have just read the report from the SWCC caver who fell down a 40m pitch in France, it appears he had clipped into the bolt and the crab was positioned on top of the bolt when his weight came on the crab the bottom of the bolt levered the gate open and bingo bottom of the pitch, I have never...
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    Dove Holes Tunnel

    See link below may be of interest, wonder where the downstream natural passages are in the tunnel probably bricked up or below tunnel level. http://www.therailengineer.com/2012/02/01/draining-dove-holes/
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    Giant Hole Chert Hall

    Had a look at Chert Hall yesterday and found a rope hanging down it, does anyone know whats at the top of the rope, no description in COPD is it just a blind aven.
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    Threaplands Cave

    Does anyone know the source of the water for the above.
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    Golconda Mine

    Does anyone know the origins of the Great Shack in Golconda Mine is it a remnant from a pre-glacial system.
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    Cave at Cliff Hills Maltby

    I went to have a look at the cliff at Cliff Hills Maltby (SK524 922) and came across a walled up cave, the local youth had broken down the wall at the bottom and seriously trashed the inside and outside with there drinking activety, further east from the cave are some more walled up sections of...
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    Cliff Force Cave

    Does anyone know if the entrance to Cliff Force Cave is now safe.
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    Sharks Tooth Cave

    Can anybody give me a grid ref for Sharks Tooth Cave Waldendale.
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    48 Hour Camp in P8

    I have just read in the South Yorkshire Times that somebody is planning a 48 hour camp for charity in P8, this does'nt seem like a good idea to me, should it be moved to a drier venue.
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    Mossdale Caverns

    Just been reading the thread about the new entrance to Ogof draenen and pondered this question, If a new entrance to Mossdale Caverns was discovered that took you straight to the far reaches should it be filled in to preserve the cave and the wilderness experience? :)
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    Ripon Gypsum Caves

    I have just been reading an article on the British Geological Survey website regarding ground collapse in Ripon due to a flooded gypsum cave system, does anybody know if this system has ever been entered.
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    Birks Fell Cave

    On a trip down Birks Fell I got to the Block squeezed under this with some difficulty the only way on I could see from there was a small hole below the right hand side of the passage facing away from the block, this hole was too small for me to negotiate but managed to get down to cascade pitch...