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  1. CavingForLemons

    Best guidebook for Doubs caves?

    Messaged! Thank you so much
  2. CavingForLemons

    Best guidebook for Doubs caves?

    Or online resources Looking for route descriptions, topos and surveys for classic Doubs trips - which book(s) would people reccommend I try to get hold of?
  3. CavingForLemons

    Wanted - Not For The Faint Hearted

    If the original poster doesn't want it any more, I'd be interested in buying!
  4. CavingForLemons

    Has Anyone ever lost a welly?

    I lost a welly at the end of Roly Poly passage in Peterson. You can still see it down the rift. Funnily enough, I'm clearly not the first person to do this, as there's a second welly visible down there with mine!! It wasn't the caving out that was the worst part but the walk back to the farm...
  5. CavingForLemons

    Cave Ideas in Pyrénées-Atlantiques

    Some of these look excellent, thank you so much!
  6. CavingForLemons

    Caving club fun ranking

    I resent the claim that CUCC is less fun that DUSA. I would also argue that we are usually more fun in an evening than NUCC. I would like to place us firmly in line with Bangor for "will stay up late and sing/play caving games but won't get naked unless heavily provoked"
  7. CavingForLemons

    Cave Ideas in Pyrénées-Atlantiques

    Looking for inspiration for Pyrenees caving - have already got some longer trips planned, now researching shorter "fun" trips... Which caves would you reccommend for fun trips? Looking for trips roughly 4-6 hours long, everyone in the group is confident with SRT, a streamway passge would be...
  8. CavingForLemons

    Cave Rescue Procedures (continued)

    I think it's somewhat unreasonable not to consider applicants on their individual merits. In the thehungrytroglobite's case, she lives with her partner, who I know to be a very active member of CRO. Therefore, it's hard to understand why it would be an inconvenience to have them travelling to...
  9. CavingForLemons

    Best“All-Rounder” region of Pyrenees for caving, canyoning, via ferrata... (plus where to stay?)

    A group of 10 – 15 of us are heading out to the Pyrenees this August for a fortnight. We’re keen for a range of different caving trips but would also like to do some canyoning (relatively beginner level), via ferrata and hiking. Is there a particular region that would be best for this / would...
  10. CavingForLemons

    LOST: Fenix HL60R in Notts 2

    Thanks all, it has now been found!
  11. CavingForLemons

    LOST: Fenix HL60R in Notts 2

    Lost my backup light in Notts 2 yesterday (Sunday 29th October) Fenix HL60R - gear tape is red/blue/green; blue tough tags "Alice Kirby" If anyone finds it, drop me a message on here or via the email or phone on the tough tag Thank you!
  12. CavingForLemons

    Slovenia – Best Caving Region and Where to Stay

    I’m in the early stages of planning a CUCC trip to Slovenia in late July. We will be a group of 15 – 20 relatively experienced student cavers, mainly planning to cave but also keen for some canyoning/hiking/other outdoor activities Where would you consider the best caving region in Slovenia and...
  13. CavingForLemons

    Oversuits and wellies

    Was going to give a detailed and well-written arguement but YOU'RE JUST WRONG!! We thought better of you. Sincerely, the cavers of Cambridge xxx
  14. CavingForLemons

    Key Booking for St Marcel - Ardeche

    Thank you so much Leclused! And for including the route description, that will be a massive help :)
  15. CavingForLemons

    Key Booking for St Marcel - Ardeche

    Does anyone know who to contact to arrange a key for Grotte de St Marcel? Hoping to do the through trip from Aven Despeysse when CUCC visit the Ardeche next month but my lack of French knowledge is making arranging access difficult
  16. CavingForLemons

    Found - Alp Design Oversuit, Bullpot Farm

    Owner found, thanks all!
  17. CavingForLemons

    Found - Alp Design Oversuit, Bullpot Farm

    Red Alp Design Oversuit, Size 50 I accidentally picked up someone else's oversuit from the changing room at the Farm on 4th Jan (assuming it was left there after New Years). Nothing in the pockets and no distinguishing marks that I can see... Drop me a message if it's yours and I will arrange...
  18. CavingForLemons

    Ardèche - Trip Suggestions and Guidebooks

    CUCC are planning a trip to Ardèche (Vallon Pont D'Arc - CESAME hut) in April and I’m looking to procrastinate exam revision by researching potential trips… Can anyone recommend some sporting trips for relatively experienced cavers (and any other trips you don’t think we should miss)? Also...