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    Hopeless hole - Portland

    Congratulations All! To the best of my knowledge there are no other caves in the UK that manage to combine both water-worn passages and mass-movement rifts on anything like this scale, if at all; and this growing system is quite something! Looking at your outline survey, there are still...
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    Huge 'sinkhole' emerges in Bexleyheath

    I don't know the area and consensus strongly suggests a collapsed denehole. If though it is natural, Graigwen points to a possible cause - the chalk. This is subject to dissolution forming "pipes" - roughly vertical shafts usually tapering downwards; into which overlying sediments can...
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    Thou shall walk in Sandy Hole

    Only just read that, three months later! Well done, Tim, Kushy and Gaynam. The ancient stream passages are all joint-controlled although those in Ariel (or Blacknor) caved have the added spice of a chert aquiclude as the roof. I have not heard of any cave anywhere else with this sort of...
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    Roosting bats in Goatchurch

    Thirty-year span of observations... So, I wonder if it's not so much that bats are becoming used to cavers, but are cavers generally more aware of not disturbing them than we might have been in the past. It's ever so illegal for us to touch the animals without proper licence etc. etc., but...
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    river wey dorset

    Upwey Wishing Well is on the base of the Portland Stone, and becomes discoloured in high flows by the underlying clay. The geology of Upwey is much the same as on Portland as the site is on the North limb of an unsymmetrical anticline, deeply eroded to produce the Weymouth Lowland; but the...
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    Portland: Inmosthay Quarries

    I reconnoitred the Inmosthay Quarries, roughly in the middle of Portland, recently. (There is a rather ill-defined right-of-way I THINK across the area from Wide Street to Easton Lane; other parts were visible from the surrounding land). Nothing of any speleological interest left. The whole...
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    Portland - Some Notes

    Really following from a long discussion last year, over the 120-day "life"... SANDY HOLE Sharbutt's Rift entrance - the narrow rift in the corner of the quarry. There was a small earth slide from the cliff-top slope above its entrance a month or so ago. I don't know if the cave has been...