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    Scout Group Numbers

    I agree with Badger. That's always been our interpretation in Staffordshire. That's in line with T1 and T2 terrain requirements. Beardedboy, good luck with getting a sane reply from TSA in the present climate!
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    Devonshire missing padlock

    The problem with the present set up at the top entrance is that, even if a padlock is fitted, there are gaps on either side of the gate that most people can squeeze through. It might be better to add some appropriate, large, signage suggesting the need for helmets and lights. As pointed out...
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    Best Ever Colour Song

    Whiter Shade of Pale? Song Sung Blue? Red, Red Wine?
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    First Aid Kits

    Duct tape, cling film, eye bath.
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    Caving undersuits vs drysuit undersuits

    In my somewhat limited experience caving undersuits tend to be fleece, while diving undersuits tend to be fibre pile, which is warmer but holds more water. Also, diving undersuits tend to have a lower collar so it doesn't interfere with the dry suit neck seal. I've both a caving undersuit...
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    Is anyone selling a Land Rover 110/130?

    Remember the old adage. If you want to go into the desert take a Land Rover. If you want to come back take a Toyota!
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    Stone shelter on Whernside

    Could it be something to do with rabbits. Either a Rabbit Smoot, described below, or a rabbit trap, similar in idea to those found on Dartmoor. Could rabbits have been trapped in their and then killed by the farmer or Warrener with their ferrets? Smoots allowed rabbits and hares to from the...
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    Grivel Twin Gate Carabiners...?

    I’ve not used them caving yet but have been trialing them with my Grigi when at the climbing wall, as that requires opening and closing frequently. Once you are used to the technique they are quicker to use than a screw gate. I would think they would work well on a cows tail, especially when it...
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    Caving in a hall ideas please

    It might be worth investigating to see if any local climbing walls/centres have artificial caves. Here in the West Midlands there is one at Wolf Mountain for example. I've used chairs and folding tables covered with dark cloth/old tent flysheets and stout cardboard boxes.
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    Fenix Headtorch strap config

    I use one of the heavy duty rubber straps that used to come with Petzl Duo headlamps with my Fenix HL55.
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    Rigging practice location

    Not in the Peak District, sadly. Does Pindale Farm still have it's SRT practice set up? Or, what about Suicide Cave, Winnats Pass?
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    Parking for Devonshire in MB.

    Update. We used the parking app on the sign and it charged us the £1. Maybe the new rates haven’t been implemented yet. There were three cars so I don’t usually use the church parking with that many, but thanks for the reminder.
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    Parking for Devonshire in MB.

    I'm parked up in the Temple Walk car park, Matlock Bath, waiting for a scout group to arrive for a trip down Devonshire. Parking after 6 pm was £1, no issues with that. Just gone to pay, £5 until 10 pm. Combine that with the height barriers stopping minibus access and I'm wondering if there is...
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    Suspension Trauma

    This theoretical scenario was covered on one of my first aid training courses (16 hour Outdoor FA) and the advice, after releasing the casualty, was to sit them upright with their legs stretched out in front of them. This was to stop the toxic blood rushing to the heart and other critical...
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    Discussion here. Can't get the above link to work. https://www.alpinesavvy.com/blog/a-closer-look-at-the-american-death-triangle
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    Belt or Harness? In 2023. Pros/Cons.

    We use belts, Petzl, all the time when leading level 1 caving trips with Scout groups. Keeps ther oversuit legs/crotch up, useful for assisted hand lines and spotting, as somewhere non-personal to ‘handle’ when needed.
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    Helmet recomendations

    The ultra lite may be ugly (I don’t think so personally) but it’s the most comfortable helmet I’ve ever worn. I just can’t get on with Petzl helmets. My climbing helmet is a Black Diamond Half Dome, very comfy and light.
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    wellie recommendations

    I've used a pair of these for years. Got them off eBay originally. Lasted really well, steel toe cap version but not intrusive. https://www.totallywellies.co.uk/Nora.asp
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    Is this true?

    Yes. And you also need to take into account the amount the amount of electricity consumed charging the various devices that people access social media on, most of which is still produced by fossil fuels.
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    Friday joke - WARNING - contains swearing.

    My wife has signed me up for 9 and 12! She kept quoting '12'to me as trailed round the shops this morning.