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  1. richardg

    Trying Out The New Mini Torch For Photography

    Nice results and highly useful review thank you Old Ruminator
  2. richardg

    North End Pot

    Congratulations. Total Respect
  3. richardg

    Rowter Hole Update

    It is a great journey you are taking us on. Lovely stals... Well done .....
  4. richardg

    David William Gill 1941-2024

    Dave maximized every moment of his life... Doing the things he loved most and at the same time doing monumental work to preserve the natural environment..... Thank You Dave
  5. richardg

    Bernie's under new ownership!

    Wow Kristian this is a welcomed surprise for the new Year.... A new era ahead Excellent news.....
  6. richardg

    Rowter Hole Update

    Really enjoying reading your exploration description....
  7. richardg

    Harry Long's caving book is out at last!

    Fantastic book with accompanying great photographs.. really enjoying reading it.... Nice to see my friend Dave Milner appear several times
  8. richardg

    Chatgpt sums up Cothelstone

    Thank you for this in-depth and interesting account of Quantock Speleogenesis
  9. richardg

    Chatgpt sums up Cothelstone

    It looks like a reasonable sized cave passage, how come it just ends with apparently no way on ?
  10. richardg

    Peak pontification (split from Rowter Hole Update)

    These Leads sound good T pot 2
  11. richardg

    Getting digging permission

    A few useful pointers for when meeting the landowner. Dress in a way that gives a good first impression. not in scruffy digging clothes. Do an internet search to find mutual interesting conversation between the landowner and yourself. Take a map that can illustrate access routes to the dig...
  12. richardg

    Jewel Cave Discoveries.

    That is a long cave!!!!
  13. richardg

    Necropolis - Large Pot - Where does the water go?

    Interesting prospects... Well done Tim and your team trying to forge such a connection...
  14. richardg

    Kingsdale bore

    The River Greta up near Bowes in the Northern Dales and the River Aygill near Brough The famous once or twice in a lifetime Malham, Down Watlows Valley and over the Cove.....
  15. richardg

    Unusual Team Member

    Another photograph taken several weeks earlier, this owl seems to enjoy observing our activities.
  16. richardg

    Unusual Team Member

    For these last few months this very pretty owl has kept us company at our digging project. A loyal member of the team.... Does anyone else on here have their own unusual encounters to share.....
  17. richardg

    Leslie Pill

    Thank you Langcliffe, You and Alan and John are doing a much appreciated work of preserving these unique caving archives
  18. richardg

    Leslie Pill

    Somewhere I have one of the songs Leslie wrote, a real tale of adventure, it will take some finding as I've moved house several times since, but when I do I will post it here
  19. richardg

    Leslie Pill

    I hope this is useful . I have fond memories of Leslie. These are recollections from about 40 years ago. At the time I was working at an outdoor activities center in Castleton and a team of builders were doing some work there, a couple of the guys were keen to come and join me on a cave...
  20. richardg

    Leslie Pill

    lancliffe... Just seen this, Leslie was a good friend, do you want me to write a bit about him on here or as a personal communication ?