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  1. Inskia

    Found 6th July - keys - nr Nimblejack Corner, Derbyshire

    Hi pwhole, that was our group & I found the keys when we arrived but thanks for thinking of us, please feel free to relay the info to any mine exploration forums you belong to though.
  2. Inskia

    Found 6th July - keys - nr Nimblejack Corner, Derbyshire

    Keys found in zip seal bag at Spinney Level (Anglo-Saxon Mine) parking area last Thursday evening (6th July 2023). DM me with a description if you reckon they're yours so they can find their way back to you.
  3. Inskia

    Old copies of Descent

    These are now spoken for subject to collection :-)
  4. Inskia

    Old copies of Descent

    Hi, I have a bunch of old copies of Descent from a club that's no longer active. I would be chuffed to bits if they found another home, ideally with a caving club. Reasonably complete collection from Oct/Nov 1989 (issue 90) through to Aug/Sept 1997 (issue 137). Free, but if you felt so inclined...
  5. Inskia

    Attention cave photographers - Peli case price rise alert!

    Hi folks I don't mind getting spammed when it's something potentially useful.  Got an email from http://www.waterproof-cases.co.uk/ today advising that Peli case prices are due to go up on February 1st. Dunno whether its true or not, but if you're thinking of buying one for your underground...
  6. Inskia

    France - Coume Ouarnede "Bouquin Rouge"

    Hi all I am trying to get a copy of "Le bouquin rouge F?lix Trombe?Henne Morte" but I'm not getting any reponse to emails sent to the addresses listed on the R?seau F?lix Trombe - Henne Morte web site at http://cds31.free.fr/Coume/html/bouquin.htm. To save me using snail mail or phoning across...