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    Overground/underground - a caving archaeology project in the Yorkshire Dales (presentation)

    1st June 2-4pm at Dales Countryside Museum in Hawes.
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    Lad - A Yorkshire Story

    https://www.channel5.com/show/lad-a-yorkshire-story Available until the end of the year, bograt
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    Lad - A Yorkshire Story

    This film is currently available on My5. My first time watching it last night & its stunning. Beautiful simple story, with the Dales landscape taking centre stage. Some places will be familiar to cavers including Foredale above Helwith Bridge, Settle, Malham to name just a few. Highly recommended!
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    Illusion (Dale Barn) ?
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    What do you talk about on trips?

    On a through trip in Spain we sang out the shapes of the reflective route markers for hours (literally "triangular, rectangular" etc). Until we lost our way. Then we couldn't find the way on & the singing promptly stopped as the doom kicked in. I like nonsensical banter & singing on fun sporty...
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    Yorkshire Dales National Park - Management Plan survey

    Its not proposed for inclusion. Nidderdale has AONB status, so no need for additional landscape protections. I could be wrong, but I don't think it was even considered for inclusion when the Park was previously extended in 2016.
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    Yorkshire Dales National Park - Management Plan survey

    The Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority are updating their National Park Management Plan, and are asking anyone who cares about the Yorkshire Dales to complete a short survey to "have your say on what the priorities should be for this special place over the next 5 years". Details here...
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    Storrs Cave?
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    Kingsdale bore

    Quite a few years ago I was lucky enough to witness the Chapel Beck bore at close hand (Chapel le Dale). It arrived without warning (other than the "shushing sound" described above), a split second after my fellow cave-diver submerged to check out the flow in the underwater cave. The cave water...
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    Disappointment Pot? (going by the 'sad and unhappy' alanw comment).
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    Random encounters with cavers

    Once bumped into Roger & Jackie Dors of The Hunters Lodge Inn, Priddy fame, on the escalator in the London Underground. We were going in opposite directions so could only point and wave at each other.
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    Stone shelter on Whernside

    Hi, I've had a chat with one of the archaeologists at the National Park Authority, who has said: I think it is an enhanced spring head – I have seen these in different areas of the park. You often get shallow landslips in the hillside where springs emerge and sometimes these are enhanced...
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    Notts III rope

    The two times I've been there in full diving kit in recent years (can't remember when, sorry) I just crawled straight through. So its well worth sticking your head into the crawl to see if its passable. It wasn't a hideous duck either.
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    Notts III rope

    Especially when the sump isn't there and you can crawl through :)
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    Caving in NSW, Aus. What's the score/scene?

    Hi, if you drop me a PM I can put you in touch with a NSW caver who can probably assist with info etc. Cheers
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    caver post mendip to dales

    Urgently required transport of 2 or 3 boxes of books from The Hunters, Mendip to the North, this weekend. Either to the Dales or W Yorkshire, Manchester etc PM if you can help Thanks
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    Ingleton garage

    For those of you who enjoy living close to the edge when it comes to the fuel-gauge you might like to know that Ingleton garage is closing at the end of the month for around 6 months (I think its closing its doors on 27th Jan but not sure). I think the nearest garages are Settle and beyond...
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    free - freeze dried food

    Drytech - Real Field Meals - freeze dried , approx 27 OFF Pasta Bolognese, Cod and Potato, Beef and Potato See drytech website for details Best before date just passed (8/2017) on some, others due 11/2017 to 3/2018 Free to anyone who wants them, pick up in Ingleton. Thanks
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    Three Days in Gingling Hole - Easter 2016 Trip Report

    I started writing this up for the Scurion competition in December but never got round to finishing it (something to do with giving birth to a little boy in the middle of the month). Anyway, here it is. Sorry, its probably a bit long so you might need a cup of tea if you're going to see it...
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    Makita 14.4V Lithium Ion batteries

    Would anyone Ingleton based (or near) be able to lend out a battery for tomorrow ? Can collect tonight  and bring back tomorrow. Just has one failed (will not charge)  >:( Makita 14.4V Lithium BL1430 or compatible to fit a BHR162RFE drill. Thanks