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  1. RobinGriffiths

    Why AI and Algorithms are utter rubbish

    I bet one of the steps involved whippets.
  2. RobinGriffiths

    AI Wezzit

    Eddies in the time continuum?
  3. RobinGriffiths

    Contacting the Devon Karst Research Society

    You might be able to see copies of Observations in Speleology at BiH ISSN Centre in Sarajevo, Bosnia & Hercegovina. - Apparantly.
  4. RobinGriffiths

    AI Wezzit

    Who provided traning data for this thing? Harold Steptoe?
  5. RobinGriffiths

    Friday joke - WARNING - contains swearing.

    Schrodinger's Catflap. That could be a goer as a Viz strip.
  6. RobinGriffiths

    Northern Lights

    Even got down to Gwyendd.
  7. RobinGriffiths

    High gill caves, Dent

    Oof. Moral Dilema.. Lucky I'm not deciding!
  8. RobinGriffiths

    High gill caves, Dent

    Indeed Not a good look when they're canvassing you and me for more public money.
  9. RobinGriffiths

    Vegan food

    Not too keen on the Sacla stuff - a bit to creamy and unctious for my liking - doesn't have the density. That Ramona stuff is pretty good. You could always make sure you've got a jar of tahini and a can of chickpeas in store cupboard for emergencies.
  10. RobinGriffiths

    Sinkhole in the River Wye near Buxton

    Didn't think Coal Measures came down that far.
  11. RobinGriffiths

    Friday joke - WARNING - contains swearing.

    Barry Cryer joke.. A woman walks past a petshop and spots a magnificent parrot in the window. She rushes inside and says, ‘How much for the parrot?’ ‘£5,’ says the shopkeeper. ‘Only £5? I’ve got to have it,’ says the woman. ‘Why’s it so cheap?’ ‘Well, I must confess, it was brought up in...
  12. RobinGriffiths

    AI Wezzit

    Quantum Wezzits or Wezzit superposition?
  13. RobinGriffiths

    Bernie's under new ownership!

    When's the Fountains and its wobbly tables coming back?
  14. RobinGriffiths

    North Wales - Tourist / Show Mines Recommendations

    That'll be new build for you!
  15. RobinGriffiths

    Gaerwen Mine "Cave of lost souls" on BBC1 News 02/04/2024

    There may be rare exceptions, but the context is that the original graffiti was created by people who spent years toiling in the mines and quarries, and not some spotty Herbert from Macclesfield who spent a day there with a few cans of paint. They're not adding to the history, but detracting.
  16. RobinGriffiths

    North Wales - Tourist / Show Mines Recommendations

    For completeness, but probably not suitable for that young, is the Copper Kingdom in Amlwch.
  17. RobinGriffiths

    Very silly pics

  18. RobinGriffiths

    Friday joke - WARNING - contains swearing.

    Bulglars broke into the local Police Station last night and stole the toilet. Police say they have nothing to go on.
  19. RobinGriffiths

    North Wales - Tourist / Show Mines Recommendations

    For geology, do Stone Science on Anglesey. A bit of an esoteric museum, but I love it. The owner collected many samples himself. http://stonescience.co.uk/
  20. RobinGriffiths

    What's this fossil?

    Could be side view of a rugose solitary coral.