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    Total Solar Eclipse

    A break from cave photog to capture my first total solar eclipse! I saw the annular one in Michigan back in 1994 which where I was I think was 96%. But the difference between 96% and 100% is amazing, it is not linear! So so so glad we traveled to be in totality where it lasted a short 2.5...
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    FS: Custom Women's XL Cave Suit

    Figured I may as well, I can ship overseas it would probably be about $20. Bright PINK with green reinforcement on elbows, knees, and bum. Insertable kneepads. All seams stitched and serged, lots of seams doublestitched. 1000D cordura with waterproofing (although it is not waterproof, it wont'...
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    Trip Report: Blevin's Gap

    April 19, 2017 It has been a little over a month since I?ve been underground at all. It took a while for my shoulder to heal up, apparently ligament damage. Finally able to even wear a backpack without it hurting I started itching to get back caving. There is a small but pretty cave called...
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    Hide feature?

    On phpbb boards there is a Foe feature so you can select users posts to not show. Is there a feature like that here? All I could find was a friend option
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    Caving Dogs

    Does anyone else have a dog who likes to cave? Mine loves caves, found the newest deepest one in Huntsville (yay scent training!) and I have a life safety harness I'm working on getting her used to and comfy with so we can do vertical work together in the future. We of course pick caves wisely...
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    Always Time for Tea - UK trip 2016

    Starting to get the trips I did in August written up.  :coffee: Posting on my blog, rather than copy/paste I"ll just link them here if that's cool. Always Time for Tea: Part 1 - Shatter Cave Ferret in the column chamber by Amy  Hinkle, on Flickr Always Time for Tea: Part 2 - Ogof Ffynnon Ddu...
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    Eurospeleo cartography & digital salons

    Anyone hear of any the results or feedback? I entered both those salons and have not heard a peep. I was told I would get feedback for the map at the very least. I saw on facebook some of the photo salon winners, but there is nothing for the digital categories or merits I could find. Usually all...
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    Nice Rope Ends without a Hot Knife

    Finally got around to making a little how-to video for how we make our really nice rope ends without a hot knife. Because we be cheap cavers who don't want to spend $150 for a little hot knife. Enjoy! https://youtu.be/NHnAsS8htVE
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    what rail online booking system do you use?

    Okay, so the route I want is GWR, but their site is completely hating my card (which works fine on Bravissimo, and other UK sites, so I know it is THEIR site fucking up). The route I want has a printable ticket according to GWR, but none of the other sites seem to offer that as an option (and...
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    WTB: Older Disto

    I really could use a disto that does inclination and asmuth. Does not need to be bluetoothes or anything. Need quickly. Very important project. I can make do without but splays with old school is time consuming and harder! Paul Fairman is visiting in little over a week. He couls bring so i...
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    Sharing the Secrets - film

    I am honored to have been a part of this amazing project that has won some film festivals and is moving on to more! It sums up caves, their biology, resources, and need for conservation not only for the future but for enjoyment and exploration. It is just shy of 15 minutes and make sure to...
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    Mile Deep

    Purely a currious post about the definition of "mile deep club". Is this below sealevel (It is according to urban dictionary), below the earth (as in direct line to surface above), or must it be depth traversed downward (as in from entrance to location, so there are currently three caves that...
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    Rescue in News

    So proud to be part of our amazing rescue community. Three agencies working flawlessly together. http://whnt.com/2016/01/18/multiple-organizations-pull-together-in-georgia-teens-safe-rescue-from-jackson-co-cave-saturday/...
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    Digging in Alabama

    Well i may have failed in inspiring our grotto to do actual projectsbut that wont stop me. Three of us plus my cavedog went ridgewalking and found something blowing air :) https://youtu.be/q8i8Nv3XzZk
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    Favorite hitches for climbing

    Our grotto does an award for climbing with knots (really, hitches). No mechanica devices are allowed. So. Keeping in mind we use stiff 11mm, what are your favorite climbing knots? Only one person in recent history has won the award and ive thought it would be fun to try for. Prussiks can be a...
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    Don't mess with artists!

    Never mess with artists. They'll get you back. The Oatmeal wins! (Oh and HuffPost, nice job of taking down your stolen work right after Oatmeal fixed the hotlinks to their bill for your theft, nothing says "I'm Guilty" more!) Luckily with the Internet, the epic can forever live on...be sure to...
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    So looking at airfare costs to my three bucket list countries, Iceland is actually coming up really cheap next year. Anyone know any cavers there? I did some google searching and kept coming across tours, but no actual cavers.
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    Profile photos gone?

    I'm only seeing about half the profile photos. And mine appears to be one of the missing. I've tried my mobile and computer (Firefox).
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    Quorin Kuila: a project cave in TAG

    So I've put together videos, taken some photos, and ended up turning it into a blog post. I think the videos in particular you may like (at the end). I documented what we have dug and bolted and banged so far! Rather than just copy/paste I'll share the story here with the link...
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    Patriotic Trip with a Brit on Independence Day in the US (&other asorted trips)

    So my history with War Eagle cave is a sordid one...but I finally now, four years later, had a chance to go back. Forum user nearlywhite is here right now visiting so we've been taking him around our lovely caves. Prettymuch a cave a day... 6/27: Bluff River - Upper level is dry, lots of...