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    Surveying Southern Hemisphere

    Hello, Has anyone had any experience with surveying with a Suunto Tandem in the southern hemisphere? Will there be any issues relating to the declination and the weighting of the compass arm? Thanks Stephen
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    Caving 26th-29th Of November

    Hello, A bunch of us are planning to go from Ireland down to South Wales for the 26th to the 29th of November. It turns out that most of our contacts are heading north to Yorkshire so we need a bit of help. Our plan is to do Daren Cilau possibly on the Saturday but that leaves us Friday, Sunday...
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    How far would you travel

    I was just reading the thread on East where? on the trip report section. Now a friend of mine keeps suggesting that I take a trip with him to visit the delights of Eastwater in the Mendips. Although he claims the cave is 'awesome', I've still got the impression that I will not enjoy the...