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    River Levels and Weather Forecast - Yorkshire Dales

    It's certainly fine by me
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    River Levels and Weather Forecast - Yorkshire Dales

    I wanted to keep a more medium-term view of the readings on the gauge at Bull Pot Farm, so I've started recording them. The latest ones are posted at https://speleodex.co.uk/ease-gill-rain, hopefully this can be of use to some others too
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    Swinsto - stuck rope

    Didn't see this when down Swinsto today - there was no other rope on split pitch except for the in situ deviations (hopefully this means you've managed to retrieve it!)
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    Lost: 2 full tackle bags - £30 reward (Simpson Pot)

    I made a very stupid mistake today. What should've been a clean and straightforward trip down Simpson Pot very nearly turned into a rescue callout. The trip started very enjoyably, and we made good progress until Carol Pot (the first pitch after the Blasted Hole). We had passed the tackle bags...
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    Anyone Got a Cave, Passage, Formation to Name?

    Perhaps Platty Tubes?
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    Item of gear found in Double Shuffle Pool

    Found in Double Shuffle Pool, Lower Long Churn. PM me with details to arrange return.
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    Eggy Smell in County Pot

    I was down County Pot today and there was a distinct smell of egg in the bedding plane near Poetic Justice Bypass. Does anyone know the likely cause of this? My guess was some sulphur-containing gas. Would it be considered foul air to be avoided?