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    North End Pot

    Just shows...each 'next generation' should keep revisiting 'old' digs. Congratulations and well done everyone.
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    Stone shelter on Whernside

    Probably a bit too high up the hill to be the scource of the Whernside gold.;)
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    David William Gill 1941-2024

    Very sad news. Great loss to the caving world. Happy memories.
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    Bernie's under new ownership!

    Good news for cavers and Ingleton. Nice to see Dave and Steve involved. Best of luck Kristian.
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    Dib scar cave

    Yes, on the tightish downwards crawl one had to listen out for any snuffling and it did pong a bit!
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    Dib scar cave

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    Caving clubs in 1956

    Earby Pothole Club founded 1945 Northern Exploration Group founded 1957
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    Moughton scar cave
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    “HWCPC” Ladder

    Yes, this one came a bit later. Don't think he should have used that drill bit as a hand hold though. photo Ken Holt
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    “HWCPC” Ladder

    Here it is in use at Cote Gill. photo by Ken Holt
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    Make Your Own Wetsuit

    Sometime late 1959/60 a friend told me that Cockers sport shop over in Burnley had just got a single sheet of this newish Neoprene stuff in stock. Full wet suits were available but way out of our price bracket. We had not come across bare sheets of the stuff being on sale before. So I asked him...
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    Dales; on't scrounge; old 8 mm hangers

    A bit late, but just got around to sorting the garage. I've got 15 Petzl hangers (with and without bolts) plus odds of other types for free if still of interest. Could drop them of in Clapham when I'm next up.
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    Temporary cave camp toilets

    Here's one I have posted before that we used....but Mark's suggestion sounds better.
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    Caving vocabulary

    Do you have Nyctophilia?
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    Digging Tools

    During a short period of rest in a current Earby P.C. dig, the conversation got around to favourite digging tools. One member confessed that he had actually changed his will to leave his 5ft Titanium bar to a different member of the club, as the previous possible recipient had given up digging...