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    Remnant of cave refound

    Will look into it, they used to be "dump" coordinates. This was to distinguish lost and unknown location caves. This caused issues when the system was digitised. Will get it fixed. Kieran
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    Remnant of cave refound

    Hi, Not particularly sure what's going on here, It seems neither the "finder" nor the website contacted us or any other relevant authority (such as Brixham museum). From the description and photos this looks a lot like Colman's Maze. That said the area is riddled with caves, with many of the...
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    Afton RR Accses Update

    Hi everyone, If you are visiting Afton Red Rift in the near future please be advised; The Insitu rope at the entrance has been removed. It was found to be in an extremely poor condition with excessive damage. As such it has been removed. For the time being a 10m rope will be required...