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    Caves recently approved for anchoring

    That kit is impressively clean :) Good to see someone cares enough to scrub it !
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    Caves recently approved for anchoring

    Aardvark will need tiny cavers....it has turned me back three times! Good luck with it ;) I'd be interested to know if anyone has done it recently, and if insitu ropes are present beyond P1. You might consider leaving Jean for a bit longer: all the spits are in good nick (as of a couple of...
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    Best glue to stick the soles of my shoes back together?

    I don't think this thread recommends Shoe goo at all for sticking stuff ..........
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    Best glue to stick the soles of my shoes back together?

    Can't recall the product number but the best stuff is black . I had some clear for another job and tried to repair a show with the left over. It worked, but not as well as the black.....
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    Best glue to stick the soles of my shoes back together?

    Sikaflex. The black stuff. I've used it to stick sea kayak bulkhead and hatches, and a pair of mtb boots which looked terminal. They have been used hard for a year and are doing fine. Shoego is something I use a lot too, but it is less good as a glue
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    Jackdaw Hole: nesting bird

    I only know of the ladder route down the gully, which looks just horrible, and the srt route which starts at the now dead tree. There was a spit just over the lip to minimise rope rub. There are now resin anchors below the lip and at the ledge. But as mikem says.....leave well alone for...
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    Jackdaw Hole: nesting bird

    No, but they are Schedule 1.............very protected.
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    Jackdaw Hole: nesting bird

    Please stay away from Jackdaw Hole for the next couple of months. A bird has nested right in line with the srt drop......  TC
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    Aids for descending overhung ledges...?

    Just go somewhere else? It's for family fun after all.
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    Carabiners - Uses & Preferences...

    I had a D triact come undone and disengaged from my caving harness, leaving me dangling on one leg loop. I wasn't caving, but preparing to chainsaw up a tree. Not for me. Ever again.
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    Bernie's under new ownership!

    I ordered what they offered........ Though it failed under the trade description act !
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    Bernie's under new ownership!

    13th April 2024. They were cappuccino s. Weak, and flat white after 2 minutes.....
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    Bernie's under new ownership!

    I hope the coffee will be better than next door ......three of us voted it the worse cup of coffee we had ever tasted. And we all have a long life experience of coffee so that's saying something. Never again! Looking forward to testing Bernie s coffee sometime soon.
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    Vegan food

    As always, wise words from Cavematt ;)
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    Custom bolt for hangers

    Many of the spit caves are hidden gems and well worth the effort........
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    Our new Inclusivity Coordinator

    The biggest barrier for women is the state of the hut toilets. I'm a member of four caving clubs, only one of them has toilets reasonably clean ( because they pay for professional cleaners). Why do old guys think it is ok to piss all over the seat then just walk away?
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    New Avanti leg loops slipping

    FFS........That is not the solution. At all. Unbelievable. I'll use mine sewn up, and look elsewhere when I need a new harness.
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    what is wrong with bogfarts roaring

    Pretty much what I thought. Clearly not going to the Berger after Bogats was the right decision:)
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    New route bolted in Bull Pot Kingsdale?

    Why? It's a new route down a known pot. Happens all the time. And has happened many times historically.
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    New route bolted in Bull Pot Kingsdale?

    Excellent. Look forward to having a go :)