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    Please can you avoid trips down Moorfurlong for the next week (as of 02/04/09). We (Nick, Ivan and myself) dug the cap out and shuttered it last night in preparation for concreting this weekend. At present you will be unable to squeeze past the woodwork. Cheers, Mark
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    New Website on Halkyn Minres, Milwr Tunnel and General Flintshire mines info

    Just spoken to Cris Ebbs and he has put a new website (about a week ago), lots of good info on Halkyn mountain, Milwr tunnel- including current state of play with regard to access. Well worth a Visit Mark
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    Photo merge software

    I can't find any reference to this being discussed, so I was wondering what software people are using to merge multiple exposures? I know CS4 etc will do it, but that is a bit pricey. I use lightroom 1.1 as a standard developing software, but the 2.0 upgrade doesn't seem obviously able to merge...