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  1. pwhole

    Trying Out The New Mini Torch For Photography

    I don't have these, but I do have ON1's Perfect Resize, which does a good job of enlarging small or crappy images to 'better' levels,. though it would not improve a truly awful image. Adobe Photoshop (current version) is pushing their 'neural filters', a couple of which do a decent job of...
  2. pwhole

    Good smoke for testing drafts?

    I try to encourage my digging team to work in a smoky atmosphere whenever possible, in order to constantly monitor the draughts. And it reduces the grumbling ;)
  3. pwhole

    On't scrounge for a skateboard

    Many of the old cheapo skateboards used to be made from polyprop rather than ply - certainly the one I started out on was, but that was 1977, so who knows how it would fare now? Mind you... https://tinyurl.com/2mzyec85 I can't believe how many original 70s boards are up there for big money. I...
  4. pwhole

    Why AI and Algorithms are utter rubbish

    You're so pedantic ;)
  5. pwhole

    On't scrounge for a skateboard

    I suspect without a level, fairly solid floor, it would be more trouble than it's worth. The most drag-tray-dependent dig I've worked on lately, which is cooleycr's outstanding effort (mostly digging solo), in the passage beyond Nixon's Aven in Peak Cavern, is now around 45m long, and involves...
  6. pwhole

    Very silly pics

    Some top dance moves for the kiddies to learn: https://x.com/i/status/1789855862233727025
  7. pwhole

    Chest Straps/Harnesses

    Still using the MTDE Garma - never found anything better. I add a strap on the back to connect it to the harness waistband, but other than that it's unmodified. Though I have two, which I rotate to reduce wear.
  8. pwhole

    The Castleton Mines Book

    I'm on it John, thanks, but sadly I only have my personal copy left now, which I can only sell for a thousand pounds, though I can autograph it! :cool: Seriously though Will, we do have a copy in the Chapel library, so you can always check that one?
  9. pwhole

    On't scrounge for a skateboard

    And some decent red Kryptonics wheels with ACS trucks for all that hard bedrock. Those were the days ;)
  10. pwhole

    High gill caves, Dent

    I couldn't resist it ;)
  11. pwhole

    Useful Map Resource

    Potentially a lot of fun here for map fans: https://www.openculture.com/2024/05/download-131000-historic-maps-from-the-huge-david-rumsey-map-collection.html
  12. pwhole

    Northern Lights

    I watched two news presenters this morning, both wondering how the aurora could look so good in phone camera photos, but not to the naked eye - they seriously said 'maybe someone will let us know'. I turned it off at that point :rolleyes:
  13. pwhole

    High gill caves, Dent

    You could leave a laminated sign on a wooden post saying something like 'This site is being monitored by concealed video cameras'. They could spend all day looking for them. On a purely abstract level I do like the photo of the plastic ;)
  14. pwhole

    Steam train on the Hope Valley Line and elsewhere 17/04/2024...........

    The residential home has a roof terrace so they can watch the cricket - when it's not raining!
  15. pwhole

    Rope access descenders for caving

    That does look interesting actually, if a bit pricey - but if the pricey translates into tough, then I guess it's worth it - certainly for work. But it's a lot of money for caving use only.
  16. pwhole

    Very silly pics

    This guy has sort of a skateboard:
  17. pwhole

    BCA pros and cons

    Isn't that the case with all insurance everywhere though? Statistically, I suspect most people paying insurance 'lose their money' - in the sense that nothing bad ever happened, and so they never made a claim, and just paid off their premium. It's much rarer for something bad to happen, and you...