• The Wessex Challenge!

    2nd July 2022

    The theme is The Crystal Maze - expect perplexing puzzles, feats of strength and a geodesic dome. The event will be hosted at the Belfry, please arrive by 16.00 to partake.

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  1. manrabbit

    Removal of calcite with an allsaw

    Thinking of hiring one of these for a weekend to try and cut through a large calcite flow that blocks our way forward in our dig. We can run a cable in from a 110v generator as we're not far from the entrance which is by the side of a road (hence not using more obvious means of removing the...
  2. manrabbit

    Ogof Nant Rhin Collaspe

    Anyone thinking of doing a pull through trip in Ogof Nant Rhin will need to open the bottom entrance first as there has been a collapse about 6 metres in from the entrance just where the passage turns right and climbs over the little step. This might be easily cleared from the inside but I...
  3. manrabbit

    I can't think of a better business for a bunch of cavers to run!

    If you are sat at home with nothing to do until the weekend this could be worth a look, just think how popular you'd be amongst fellow club members. http://www.edwardsymmons.com/pages/business_sales_view.php?id=155 Cheers  :beer2: Huw
  4. manrabbit

    Auction for a HP Designjet 600 plotter

    Just came across this plotter that is up for auction, ends tomorrow through..?65.00 at the moment with 2 bidders. http://www.bidspotter.co.uk/forms/LotDetails.php?eventid=474&lotid=141749 Huw
  5. manrabbit

    17 Ltr Mini Barrel

    Just got back from a packaging show in the NEC where I came across a company selling drums very similar to the Curtec "Daren Drums". They are supposedly cheaper than the Curtec drums and with some online retailers selling Curtec drums at ?35.00 for a 15 ltr drum that isn't hard to believe. Took...
  6. manrabbit

    Green river in Canada!!

    No one can figure how a river in Canada turned green. The article mentions Fluorescein! Youtube shows rocks in the river that look like limestone, anyone know this area?.. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1346551/Goldstream-River-turns-bright-GREEN-Radioactive-disaster-hoax.html
  7. manrabbit

    Ideas for overhead mono rail

    I'm considering installing an overhead mono rail system in a dig we have. The spoil consists of sticky mud and rock, that is starting to get heavy when pulling it out on a drag tray. Doe's any one know if it's possible to get hold of a push trolley that runs on the outside diameter of scaffold...