• The Wessex Challenge!

    2nd July 2022

    The theme is The Crystal Maze - expect perplexing puzzles, feats of strength and a geodesic dome. The event will be hosted at the Belfry, please arrive by 16.00 to partake.

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  1. caving_fox

    Is it to be Swinsto or Simpson pot for your pull through trip, that is the question?

    Whichever one I haven't done recently. Swinsto tends to get done more often as some are put off by Slit. Hence Simpsons is probably my favourite as I do it less often.
  2. caving_fox

    Peak District Rigging Guide Poll. How do you use it?

    Have paper copy and generally use that. But if I'm away from my hard copy I use the online version for a specific cave, also of course fo rnewer ones! Print out and carry with me in a waterproof mapcase. By now I have several inches of battered paper copies from all over the UK, I try not to...
  3. caving_fox

    Recommendations for squeezy trips in the Peak.

    It really is a technique thing - assuming you're of moderately slim build. I went with a couple of our clubs weasels and none of us could get through even though they can manage some ridiculously thin places. A bit of online research and the approach is on your back face up (this feels the wrong...
  4. caving_fox

    Meander Oversuits

    Landjoff are very very efficient. Already arrived. Not sure I'm that efficient with my caving. Will have to get underground and try it out. Fees - if you're paying UK shipping then the total cost is pretty similar as the LJ suit starts out cheaper.
  5. caving_fox

    What do you take with you?

    I always carry a personal bag with me. In it I have some food - personal preference Drak Chocolate Bounty bars, but flapjacks etc sometimes - well sealed! And drink - at least 1 500ml resealable. I don't always eat/drink them, but even 'short' trips can become arduous and draining if pushing...
  6. caving_fox

    Meander Oversuits

    Does anyone have any contacts (probably european - who ship to the UK!) for companies selling the Meander Oversuit? Tony's out of stock in my size 3A Or suggestions for alternatives? The Warmbac PVC is (last time I looked) too stiff, and cordura too cold. Is the Landjoff still available...
  7. caving_fox

    Recommendations for squeezy trips in the Peak.

    Nettle - through Freeze Squeeze and also Dratsab is you really want awkward.
  8. caving_fox

    Gloves for cold hands?

    SealSkinz gloves! (if somebody else is paying!) They're toasty, flexible but neither durable nor cheap. But even with holes do keep your hands warm. (there's a few styles the knitted ones are better). Also consider your wrists. Blood flow is quite exposed at the wrist and keeping that warm and...
  9. caving_fox

    Where are the young(ish) people hiding?

    I must be middle aged :-( With one club I'm often the oldest person on the trip. With the other I've been the youngest (once by a memorable decade+ !) although the latter does have a younger uptake now.
  10. caving_fox

    Bouncing metal work

    Generally if it's basically looking ok I don't expect to replace any of my metal SRT gear (Stops when worn, croll if missing teeth, maillons and karabiners never unless deformed). We (eg not me) managed to bounce a maillon 20 odd m down a shaft yesterday. It looks unmarked, and still does up...
  11. caving_fox

    A question of time

    The difference is in what's moving (or what you consider the reference point). If you're moving the meeting forwards you're bringing it closer to you. If you're the one moving then you're moving forwards away from where you were. So the meeting will be at 10am. English has lots of relative...
  12. caving_fox

    Knee Ascender/Stairwalking SRT

    Tucking your heels under your bum (contra to the image above) (with a tight chestharness) really improves the efficiency of frogging. You need to adjust hand jammer and foot loop lengths so that this is possible. You can then get a full leg extension without pulling (much) on the arms, and no...
  13. caving_fox

    Roosting bats in Goatchurch

    https://www.worldwildlife.org/pages/what-does-endangered-species-mean There's no hard and fast rule. Species can be rare on a local/national/global scale for added complications.
  14. caving_fox

    cave rope lengths / Dales

    An inverse to the popular question of what lengths to cut a drum of rope into: I'll be in the Dales with a limited set of ropes, what are the best/achievable caves available? Is there an easily readable list cave / required ropes? Yes I could read every page of the guidebooks, but before I...
  15. caving_fox

    Found - CPC rope bag - Small Mammal

    Red CPC rope bag (1) found at the bottom of the 10m 'flowstone chamber' pitch on Small Mammal alternative route. (16th Oct) We brought it out and left it at YSS, because that's where we were staying. I can pass on contact details if necessary.
  16. caving_fox

    County Clare

    I've been a few times, but the last trip was more than 5 years ago. Anyone know if anything has changed in that time? There was an issue with poulnagree access, has this been resolved or is it still best avoided for now? I know there was a recent (this year?) collapse in St Catherines. Is this...
  17. caving_fox

    caving chat - US The Caving Podcasts

    https://cavingpodcast.podomatic.com/ A list of many hours of a US caver Matt Pelsor interviewing guests including most recently famous US cave-microbiologist, WNS expert and explorer Hazel Barton
  18. caving_fox

    Sell Gill the interesting way, some reminders.

    After some faffing we eventually set off from Horton on the wrong Pennine way, blithely chatting and enjoying the stroll in too much caving gear for the weather. The various Three Peaks walkers looked much better equipped. Eventually we worked out where we'd gone wrong and crossed over to the...
  19. caving_fox

    Modifying rigging?

    Are there situations when it's right to do so? The general 'rule' I've always used is that you leave other people's gear alone, with perhaps two exceptions: a) the trivial one, on ladder pitches rather than double rigging ladders, leave yours coiled at the pitch head use the one that's there...
  20. caving_fox

    Tad Damp?

    We've got an easegil and Argyle visit scheduled this weekend. Given the recent amounts of rainfall are there any suggestions for interesting trips that are likely to be still passable? I'm sort of surprised there hasn't been any photos of places in flood.