• The Wessex Challenge!

    2nd July 2022

    The theme is The Crystal Maze - expect perplexing puzzles, feats of strength and a geodesic dome. The event will be hosted at the Belfry, please arrive by 16.00 to partake.

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  1. caving_fox

    Meander Oversuits

    Does anyone have any contacts (probably european - who ship to the UK!) for companies selling the Meander Oversuit? Tony's out of stock in my size 3A Or suggestions for alternatives? The Warmbac PVC is (last time I looked) too stiff, and cordura too cold. Is the Landjoff still available...
  2. caving_fox

    Bouncing metal work

    Generally if it's basically looking ok I don't expect to replace any of my metal SRT gear (Stops when worn, croll if missing teeth, maillons and karabiners never unless deformed). We (eg not me) managed to bounce a maillon 20 odd m down a shaft yesterday. It looks unmarked, and still does up...
  3. caving_fox

    cave rope lengths / Dales

    An inverse to the popular question of what lengths to cut a drum of rope into: I'll be in the Dales with a limited set of ropes, what are the best/achievable caves available? Is there an easily readable list cave / required ropes? Yes I could read every page of the guidebooks, but before I...
  4. caving_fox

    Found - CPC rope bag - Small Mammal

    Red CPC rope bag (1) found at the bottom of the 10m 'flowstone chamber' pitch on Small Mammal alternative route. (16th Oct) We brought it out and left it at YSS, because that's where we were staying. I can pass on contact details if necessary.
  5. caving_fox

    County Clare

    I've been a few times, but the last trip was more than 5 years ago. Anyone know if anything has changed in that time? There was an issue with poulnagree access, has this been resolved or is it still best avoided for now? I know there was a recent (this year?) collapse in St Catherines. Is this...
  6. caving_fox

    caving chat - US The Caving Podcasts

    https://cavingpodcast.podomatic.com/ A list of many hours of a US caver Matt Pelsor interviewing guests including most recently famous US cave-microbiologist, WNS expert and explorer Hazel Barton
  7. caving_fox

    Sell Gill the interesting way, some reminders.

    After some faffing we eventually set off from Horton on the wrong Pennine way, blithely chatting and enjoying the stroll in too much caving gear for the weather. The various Three Peaks walkers looked much better equipped. Eventually we worked out where we'd gone wrong and crossed over to the...
  8. caving_fox

    Modifying rigging?

    Are there situations when it's right to do so? The general 'rule' I've always used is that you leave other people's gear alone, with perhaps two exceptions: a) the trivial one, on ladder pitches rather than double rigging ladders, leave yours coiled at the pitch head use the one that's there...
  9. caving_fox

    Tad Damp?

    We've got an easegil and Argyle visit scheduled this weekend. Given the recent amounts of rainfall are there any suggestions for interesting trips that are likely to be still passable? I'm sort of surprised there hasn't been any photos of places in flood.
  10. caving_fox

    Job opportunity

    https://www.civilservicejobs.service.gov.uk/csr/jobs.cgi?jcode=1536566%20 Civil Service 1 year full time post to manage people managing Bats in Churches. No Bat handling license required. Might be nice to have a bat sympathetic person fill the role.
  11. caving_fox

    Broken Scurion :-(

    Anyone want a dead scurion? Or more helpfully, know a reset factory defaults trick? Currently it appears completely dead, no indicators leds, no light. I do get 8.4V from the battery which seems to charge normally. It's a p4, and now 8 years old, which isn't bad going for caving gear, but...
  12. caving_fox

    Swildon's again and again.

    Weekend 7-9th Oct. RDCC staying at the Wessex. Friday we did a 1hr recce to the sump and back, low water high CO2. Saturday through to the Black Hole series. Fun. I like the chamber at the bottom too. Good luck on the dig it seems to be progressing well. Sunday, and after a slow breakfast...
  13. caving_fox

    Lost - wetsuit socks

    From the Wessex, last weekend (9th Oct). If anybody inadvertently picked up my red wetsuit socks (with a hole in one toe) I'd quite like them back. They should have my initials RAS marker penned on, although it's probably faded by now.
  14. caving_fox

    A thread of Thanks

    I thought this might be a useful thing to start. Just a place to acknowledge those who who've helped. A couple from me: Access wardens and guides, keyholders et al: Everyone who gives up their time; and shoulders some responsibility; copes with the inevitable hassles and my should have been...
  15. caving_fox

    Another recommendation request

    The CCCC's annual dinner is next weekend. And in the usual faffing manner of believing someone else was organising it, despite knowing the date for months in advance we haven't yet decided on what cave trip(s) to do. We've been to mendip a few times before and hence know some of the usual...
  16. caving_fox

    Team thin fails to get through

    Who: RDCC team thin - me Ian and Paul Where - Nettle pot Derbyshire. When - Sat 16th Jan 15 Nettle pot is one of those bugbear caves. From the cavers I know (not necessarily a representative selection) it gets talked about a lot, in past tense, of the horrible trip they'd had, and never again...
  17. caving_fox

    Commercial caving recommendation?

    Does anyone have a recommendation (or want to volunteer themselves) to lead a party of beginners on a stag do type trip in the Peak. It's for a friend of a friend who's asked so I don't have any details and won't be on the trip myself. But as I do all my caving with a club I don't know who's...
  18. caving_fox

    mid week trip ideas?

    Just in case I've forgotten somewhere obvious - looking for a midweek trip suggestions, after work back in time for last orders! We're SRT confident, and have done P8, Giants, O-K-H mines all several times. Based in manchester the Dales are a bit far for midweek. JH and Titan a bit too long for...
  19. caving_fox

    Argh Scurion again!

    Now it's not turning on at all! Battery appears to be fully charged according to the charger. There's 7.5V across it, which sounds about right. Connect battery to light, nothing. It had been left connected and charged in travel mode. Didn't respond to the normal wake-up signals. I've...
  20. caving_fox

    optimal caver build?

    Idle question, following a discussion in a pub with non-cavers.: what's the optimal caver shape? First thought was small and thin, which has obvious advantages, but downsides when climbing, traversing and on SRT. Tall and thinhas the opposite issue, struggling in stooping passages and...