• The Wessex Challenge!

    2nd July 2022

    The theme is The Crystal Maze - expect perplexing puzzles, feats of strength and a geodesic dome. The event will be hosted at the Belfry, please arrive by 16.00 to partake.

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  1. A_Northerner

    What do you take with you?

    When I saw what happened to Chunky's jaw after taking a stumble into his neck-mounted Pixa (it went through his face), I now have a sincere aversion to having anything sizeable round my neck while caving.
  2. A_Northerner

    Forum banner

    Don't blame you, nobody should have to look at Bratch's face every time they open the forum 😂
  3. A_Northerner

    Swinsto pull through

    The weather doesn't look prohibitively bad for a Swinsto trip per se, but regardless of the weather it's not an ideal trip for first timers if you're the only experienced member. The split pitch in particular can be tricky, I remember the take-off being a bit awkward when rigged as a...
  4. A_Northerner

    HIGHLY recommend Il Buco ("The Hole") - Italian Film recreating the 1961 exploration of Abisso del Bifurto in Calabria

    https://hebdenbridgepicturehouse.co.uk/movies/il-buco As always, Hebden Bridge is the answer! Showing over the next couple of weeks.
  5. A_Northerner

    HIGHLY recommend Il Buco ("The Hole") - Italian Film recreating the 1961 exploration of Abisso del Bifurto in Calabria

    My local cinema in my home town still plays the National Anthem before each showing. I remember my dad staunchly remaining seated as the rest of the cinema stood around us.
  6. A_Northerner

    HIGHLY recommend Il Buco ("The Hole") - Italian Film recreating the 1961 exploration of Abisso del Bifurto in Calabria

    If you have a local independent cinema, it's always worth asking them if they'll request a copy from the producers for screening. I used to do that in my small-town cinema and sometimes they got stuff in. If they didn't have much interest for Blockbuster films midweek, they always used to screen...
  7. A_Northerner

    HIGHLY recommend Il Buco ("The Hole") - Italian Film recreating the 1961 exploration of Abisso del Bifurto in Calabria

    YouTube trailer here I saw this last night at the Showroom in Sheffield. It's currently showing there at 20:45 every evening this week and I recommend anyone local goes to see it, I imagine it will do the rounds at independent cinemas across the UK as well. There is no dialogue, only...
  8. A_Northerner

    Online Ballot 2022

    I'm not much of a hunter, it seemed simple enough for me to find it. BCA Website -> News -> Agenda -> Read Agenda There's also a ticker on the home page that takes you straight to the agenda, and Googling "BCA caving agenda" took me straight there. Here's a link for anyone struggling...
  9. A_Northerner

    Should we tax our cows for farting

    Makes sense, even if it sounds like a funny headline. If we're going to start introducing carbon taxes to incentivise industry into making their processes more carbon-friendly, then this is no different to asking any other industry to adopt better approaches. From an agricultural point-of-view...
  10. A_Northerner

    Recommendations for squeezy trips in the Peak.

    I can't speak from personal experience but it sounds like the far reaches of Redhurst Swallet in the Manifold region are a fairly challenging narrow trip. Though an extended period of very dry weather is required to get to Pink Chamber at the very end.
  11. A_Northerner

    Recommendations for squeezy trips in the Peak.

    Ice Cream Trail in Rowter Hole Most of the connections in the (relatively) recently discovered Cussey Pot The connection between Perryfoot and Dr Jackson's Giant's-Oxlow connection Crusader Series in Oxlow
  12. A_Northerner

    An unusual rescue...

    I'm pretty sure if social media and forums were about in previous decades, and the access to rescue reports was just as at-your-fingertips, you'd have seen just as much silliness back in the day. Unfortunately the constant news and media stream that we consume each day leads us to believe that...
  13. A_Northerner

    Where are the young(ish) people hiding?

    In the past 5-or-so years my "generation" of student cavers graduated and we've gone into separate Dales clubs, I personally know about 5-10 young people who have gone into each of the NPC, BPC, and RRCPC, and there's been a fair few go into the TSG in the past few years as well. My own...
  14. A_Northerner

    Langstroth cave entrance

    I originally thought you meant taking your daughter on the Langstroth Pot -> Cave through trip as a way to get back into caving, which would be a trial by fire to say the least! When you say "middle entrance" do you mean the one closest to the downstream end of the sumps? I've only ever been in...
  15. A_Northerner

    Buxton Water dam in Peak Cavern

  16. A_Northerner

    Power bank with replaceable 18650 batteries

    Before I do a cursory Google search and end up ordering something completely unsuitable from China, does anyone have any suggestions for power banks with USB charging ports that utilise 1 or more 18650 batteries that can be replaced? I'm thinking about using one to charge PDAs/phones on long...
  17. A_Northerner

    Winnat's Head choke condition

    I was in Winnat's Head on Friday night, and we noticed (it's hard not to notice) a significant boulder moving in the final choke below Fox Chamber, before the sump chamber (the choke with a handline in and the bold step onto a ledge, not The Slot). The boulder is well worn on one side so has...
  18. A_Northerner

    Redhurst Swallet

    Does anyone have any info on Redhurst Swallet? I've read the SSSI audit and CotPD entry which piqued my interest in the cave, but it doesn't seem very often visited due to its floody nature. I'd quite like to take a trip to Pink Chamber towards the end of summer if the weather permits, does...
  19. A_Northerner

    Stoney Middleton Silt Dredging/Flood Management

    Evening all, big news in Stoney Middleton is that a long overdue de-silting is taking place in the village. The local flood management group have been trying to get it done for years since the dam broke in 2007. The council removed debris from the stream but never did a desilting which has led...
  20. A_Northerner

    Zebralight battery cap lost in Nettle Pot

    If anyone is down Nettle at some point in the future, could you keep an eye out for the screw cap off the back of my Zebralight backup (pictured below) - I only noticed its absence on the way back to the car. There should be a rechargeable AA battery somewhere near it which might be easier to...