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    Cave Rescue Procedures (continued)

    Im not sure "issues with membership have been snowballing quite a while now" is acurate! remember your parnter is _ Very _ new to CRO and canot possibly know all the inner workings and feelings of the team, Just a thought Again my view and not representing CRO's view
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    Cave Rescue Procedures (continued)

    Interesting, so I assume you are comfortable navigating in very adverse weather( by comfortable I mean can reliably in near zero visability), you have a lot of experiance in the fells and mountains and some climbing experiance and knowledge along with something to make you stand out from the...
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    Cave Rescue Procedures (continued)

    Membership of CRO is judged on individual merits, Not being able to drive alone would not necessarily be a barrier to joining, as already mentioned the majority of call outs these days are surface related and applicants need to be able to satisfy the relevant committee that they can perform this...
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    Return to Aquamole - The Film

    Ive sent you a message, looking forward to seeing it
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    Simpson's - Stuck rope

    We removed your rope on a recent trip, it is currently in the care of the BPC, email warden@bpc-cave.org.uk
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    Items found in Valley Entrance

    Some items have been found in Valley Entrance, they appear to have been hidden and possibly forgotten about or not, if you have left anything there message me with details and I can arrange safe return
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    Found in Swinsto Great Aven

    Found green tackle sack in the boulders in Swinsto Great Aven, it has CUCC written on it