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    Speleo Vertical DvD Vertical Caving Techniques

    Steve, available on my website
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    Wanted - Mendip underground 5th edition

    Amazingly there seems to be no interest its now available via ebay...
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    Think you will find the Welsh Government have been proactive in dealing with ground water causing pollution - Frongoch for instance
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    Wanted - Mendip underground 5th edition

    I have a copy Mendip Underground 5 if anyone is interested Mike
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    Speleo Vertical DvD Vertical Caving Techniques

    There are plenty of copies available - pm sent Mike
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    Speleo Vertical DvD Vertical Caving Techniques

    This is now available at a reduced price of £4 Mike
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    hidden Earth 2022 - is there going to be one?

    Will there be a Hidden Earth event this year ? Mike
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    Nottingham Tunnels

    I have copies of Tony Walthams Sandstone Caves - one is for a couple of quid Mike
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    Wanted: Mendip Underground: A Caver's Guide

    They appeared to be so, but now have my suspicions I suspect the dealer was pulling a fast one and was promoring the lower price by asking over double elsewhere - either way no other cop[ies are available at this moment
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    Wanted: Mendip Underground: A Caver's Guide

    Interesting I saw 2 other copies at extortionate prices which are also no longer available Mike
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    Wanted: Mendip Underground: A Caver's Guide

    I note there are a couple of copies avaialble on the web https://www.abebooks.co.uk/servlet/BookDetailsPL?bi=31152605718&searchurl=kn%3DMendip%2BUnderground%2Ba%2Bcavers%2Bguide%26sortby%3D17&c and...
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    The Speleogist Magazine nos 1 - 20

    I have been asked to sell on behalf of the widow of friend who died recently with MND - The speleogist Magazine Volume I (1965) nos 1,2,3, 4, 5 Volume II (1966) 6, 6A, 7, 8, 9, 10 Volume 2 (1967) 11,12, 13,14: (1968) 15,16 ( 17 Missing) Volume 3 (1968) 18,19, 20 If anyone interested...
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    British Mining No 112 ? Coal Mining in Bolton and Chorley

    The northern Mines Research Society have just released their latest publication - British Mining No 112 ? Coal Mining in Bolton and Chorley Author Jack Nadin, A5 ,Softback, 200pages , 71 Photos and Illustrations. This monograph covers over 100 collieries mainly worked in the 19th Century there...
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    Complete Set of Trevithick Society Journalsand newsletters , Mines Gwydyr Forest

    I am selling on behalf of a widow A complete set of Trevithick Society Journals number 1 - 48 + Newsletters . Volumes 1 - 7 Mines of the Gwydyr Forest Please contact me direct if interested  Mike
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    Latest British Mining memoirs 2021 volume 111 just out

    British Mining Memo9irs are produced by Northern Mines Research Society, these are free to members and can be purchased bty non members for ?10+ P7P British Mining No 111, meoirs 2021 , A5, Softback, 95 pages - chapter headings as follows London Lead Company, Bargains and Payments in the...
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    Free North - West Speleology

    This is a photcopy hence free North - West SpeleologyVolume 2  Lancaster Cave & Mine Research Group Mike
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    Free - Metalliferous Mines Arnside- Carnforth

    This is a photocopy - hence free Northern Cavern & Mine Research Society publication No 3 The Metalliferous Mines of the  Arnside - Carnforth Districts of Lancashire & Westmoreland  by Charles Moseley Mike
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    New Book - Rosedale Mines and Railway

    Rosedale Mines and Railway Authors :R H Hayes and JG Rutter, Softback, A5,  159printed pages, ?8.00 Published by the Scarborough Archaeological Trust, this  is an updated and expanded version of their 1974, 32 page booklet,  it is now fully illustrated  with Colour and Black and White photos...
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    half price offer The Mines of Upper Teesdale

    I have obtained 5 copies of the Mines of Upper Teesdale, these are new copies 4 copies have a crease on the front or back cover and final copy the cover is scuffed - these are available at half Price ?10.00 Mike