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  1. bograt


  2. bograt

    Lad - A Yorkshire Story

    "This video isn't available anymore" Hmmm----?
  3. bograt

    (Winnats head) The wood above the slot in Winnats is snapping, and the slot SHOULD NOT BE ATTEMPTED! A warning to all!

    Its about 40 years since Ben put it in, not bad for a bit of second hand timber!
  4. bograt

    Traditional Caplamp Trip 20th January North Wales

    Hmm, SRT with a naked flame stinky could be interesting?---
  5. bograt

    ....and the cave passage this represents is??

    It may be very regional, but what you're calling a "poss", in the coal mining area of east Derbyshire we called a "ponch".
  6. bograt

    SRT Practice Walls

    The disused viaduct at Millers Dale (NOT the big double one !) has anchors in place for rigging, used by outdoor groups.
  7. bograt

    British Fluorspar

    Isn't Sallet Hole still under "care and management", ha, ha.........
  8. bograt

    Derbyshire Explorers Forum - 30th of September 2023

    I organised the last DCA congress and it made a significant loss (mainly on the stomp, paying for the band), we decided to give it a rest for a while to build up finances, its still resting, this was about 1987? ---
  9. bograt

    Cussey Pot, Eyam

    I must confess to being somewhat confused, has Cussey Pot finally been connected to the Bradwell area, or has the thread been hijacked? ---
  10. bograt

    Jerry Wooldridge

    Yet another legend joins the other side, r.i.p. Jerry, thanks for the memories.
  11. bograt

    Mornington Crescent

    I think you'll find Stovoids 2nd Amendment was replaced by the 3rd in 1974.
  12. bograt


    I use a Digitnow! scanner off Amazon, reasonably priced and good for copying slides, negatives and prints.
  13. bograt

    Lumb Hole

    I am aware of a great deal of long established badger activity on that side of the dale, I wonder how that fits into their gardening ethos ??
  14. bograt

    Best timber for stemples?

    The reason yew is mainly seen in churchyards is that it is highly poisonous to livestock so must be kept away from grazing land, it was grown for longbow making before saltpetre for gunpowder (and guns) became readily available.
  15. bograt

    Recommendations for squeezy trips in the Peak.

    Wind Tunnel rout into Colostomy Crawl, Peak Cavern.
  16. bograt

    Can anyone lend us an underwater drill?

    Think you're on to a loser trying to submerge that one, a small compressor and pneumatics ? (noise could be a problem)
  17. bograt

    Dave Williams

    For those who knew Dave Williams long time PDMHS member, he died recently, funeral is 21st December at the Palace Hotel, Buxton. 12.00 Midday for a celebration, then 12.45 pm at the Wildside, Buxton Cemetery for a burial, then back to the Palace for a p1ss-up. (ripped from A.N. website)
  18. bograt

    Boyd Potts

    Sorry to break my long time silence with bad news; Boyd Potts, much respected long standing Derbyshire caver and Orpneus C.C. stalwart, passed away earlier this week. Thoughts and commiserations to Jenny at this trying time.
  19. bograt

    Eldon Series, P8.

    Having cause to browse through some of my archive, I came across an article by 'Ben' Bentham about his work in the Eldon Series in P8, (DCA Newsletter 63, October 1986), a passage 7 feet (2 metres*) in diameter ---. Anyone been up there lately? * - Form an orderly queue for the pendant award...
  20. bograt

    Harness Recall

    Someone codging up condemned harnesses to re-sell ; http://www.itv.com/news/anglia/2016-04-07/suffolk-trading-standards-seize-over-100-unsafe-harnesses/