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  1. petecaves

    CNCC Website down?

    Server migration is always a pain. That and the tendency of hardware to fail at unhealthy hours of the morning. Thanks for the speedy recovery (and for keeping it all ticking along)
  2. petecaves

    CNCC Website down?

  3. petecaves

    CNCC Website down?

    Anyone else having issues accessing the CNCC website today? Gateway error earlier and now dns lookup is failing.
  4. petecaves

    Wanted Computer Program help

    Might also have a fiddle - be a useful project trying to get my head round more dotnet. A quick thing in Python could be done too. Might be interesting to see how the various solutions offered compare :)
  5. petecaves


    Just think, if we taxed that properly (we won't because most of it will be dividends, and the rest carefully shunted), and did the same for every similar amount earned we could pay people a reasonable wage. And yet "there's no money..."
  6. petecaves

    Ardèche - Trip Suggestions and Guidebooks

    No cave suggestions, because the last time I was there was pre caving. It's a lovely area though. You can hire canoes at Balazuc and trundle down the river for a while as an easy day out.
  7. petecaves

    Kendal film festival underground night

    Absolutely this.
  8. petecaves

    Reduce your impact

    We should have been using planning laws to cut down our reliance on fossil fuels for about 30 years now. You want to build houses? Ok, but they must be properly insulated, and have solar panels on the roof. That would have been a very good start. Proper public transport would be useful too...
  9. petecaves

    Reduce your impact

    This works very well. At least in theory. Sadly mine is refusing to start. :(
  10. petecaves

    Podcasts of interest to cavers

    Cheers for those - always good to find a new podcast :)
  11. petecaves

    Glasses Found in Ibbeth Peril

    Hi Maz - pretty sure those are mine - do you still have them?
  12. petecaves

    A thank you

    This might be a bit of a long shot but here goes. Several years ago (let's say it was 2016 for the sake of argument) I was on a course in Ross-on-Wye at The Leadership Trust. As part of that course I tried out caving for the first time. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and mentioned to the instructors...