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  1. alanw

    Gaping Gill May 24

    If you are not a member, it's £20 to use the winch. You must have bought a tag in advance. When you buy a tag, you leave your details with the bookkeeper. If you are doing a through trip, not involving the winch, there is a whiteboard where you leave your details and call-out time. Make sure to...
  2. alanw

    Gaping Gill May 24

    Note that Dihedral is for BPC members only
  3. alanw

    Gaping Gill May 24

    Most entrances, apart from Diss and OBJ
  4. alanw

    **Rock fall** Alum Pot

    I'm not sure if this will be of any use, perhaps I was standing a little bit too far forward, but here is a photo of the ledge from 2008
  5. alanw

    Chat GPt - a way to go for reliable information

    Resurrecting a dead thread - any doubt that this text and image are the product of AI hallucinations? Gaping Gill is a natural cave in North Yorkshire, England. Yorkshire Vale is all rolling meadows thesaurus by stone walls, pockets of water and castles, abbeys, and villages scattered over the...
  6. alanw

    Dumb phone recommendation

    I've just come across this site: Dumbphone Finder, via https://www.wired.com/story/dumbphones-reddit-last-good-place/ (scroll down right to the end to select "Rugged")
  7. alanw

    Caving Illnesses

  8. alanw

    BCA pros and cons

    With regards to rock climbing, I am a member of two mountaineering clubs and through them am covered by the BMC's insurance. https://www.howdengroup.com/uk-en/british-mountaineering-council/clubs (I do get a refund for the 2nd club's BMC fee)
  9. alanw

    BCA pros and cons

    A few years ago, a university climbing club went to a wall. A climber fell, his fall wasn't arrested, he fractured a vertebra and is now paraplegic. He sued the belayer for £200,000 and won his case. I understand the claim was paid by the BMC's insurers.
  10. alanw

    Lake District Quarry - Zip line plans

  11. alanw

    Caving Supplies

    I've got an Inglesport catalogue from the early 90's. After I moved up't North but before PhONEday (April 1995)
  12. alanw

    Good smoke for testing drafts?

    That made me think of chimney balloons. A visit to a seller's website also turned up this Smoke Pencil Draught Detector. Not cheap at £52.50 though.
  13. alanw

    Nightshade Cave, Victoria, Australia, fossil of extinct kangaroo excavated

    https://theconversation.com/we-spent-2-years-in-deep-underground-caves-to-bring-this-extraordinary-fossil-to-light-226629 https://collections.museumsvictoria.com.au/specimens/1931765
  14. alanw

    New Mendip Cave

    About here: https://www.google.com/maps/@51.2973625,-2.689833,3a,75y,289.27h,74.7t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1se5RIUw7F3wpBcsuIAT_BLg!2e0!7i13312!8i6656!5m1!1e1?entry=ttu Closure notice: https://one.network/?GB138305638 LIDAR...
  15. alanw

    FX2 with LED insert, 2x battery packs, charger

    A good home has been found.
  16. alanw

    Speleo technic FX lamps advice

    I've just posted over in free recycling an FX2 with LED insert. There's a photo comparing it with a Rude Nora on setting 3. Quite comparable, though more tightly focussed.
  17. alanw

    FX2 with LED insert, 2x battery packs, charger

    Free to a good home (though a donation to a rescue organisation would be appreciated). Lancaster / the BPC Dump / Gaping Gill winch meet or caver post. Complete Speleotechnics FX2 set in working order. No guarantees about the life left in the battery packs, although swapping them for one or...
  18. alanw

    Mud Sump

    The Earby sump pump as used in Ireby Fell might be of interest https://web.archive.org/web/20220630193337/http://earbypotholeclub.co.uk/?page_id=287 (Does anyone know why the domain is no longer registered?) https://ukcaving.com/board/index.php?threads/sump-pumping.16765/ The Wessex seem...
  19. alanw

    Dumb phone recommendation

    Visiting https://catphones.com/, the SSL certificate expired on Sun, 07 Apr 2024 The magic keywords to search for are "rugged" "candy bar" "phone" https://www.sonimtech.com/products/devices/xp5plus/ Note that in the UK 2G and 3G will be phased out within the next few years, so make sure, if...
  20. alanw

    Best Ever Wildlife Song

    [Jollity Farm] The Bonzo Dog Band's album with that track is titled "Gorilla".