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  1. Steve Clark


    Yes. I clearly need to be more obscure!
  2. Steve Clark

    Copyright and Google Earth

    Google are fine with you using it for that purpose. You just need to attribute the source correctly. Details here (scroll down for the correct section) https://about.google/brand-resource-center/products-and-services/geo-guidelines/#required-attribution
  3. Steve Clark


  4. Steve Clark


    Simpson Pot?
  5. Steve Clark

    'Caving Memories' / 'Wilky' DVD - anyone recognise this?

    Thanks for the replies. Please share the link with anyone who may be interested. From the meta-data, the DVD-R itself was created on 7th March 2013.
  6. Steve Clark

    'Caving Memories' / 'Wilky' DVD - anyone recognise this?

    I've found a DVD in with our club (Fylde MC) surveys and things. It appears to be a homemade DVD-R with a printed label. 44mins of photo slideshow with background music, no spoken description. There is a Lancaster University Student's Union minibus in it. Does anyone recognise it or the people...
  7. Steve Clark

    Humidity levels in a library?

    You may already be aware, but if you are considering the cost of running the dehumidifier, compressor-based units are better for habitable temperatures (18-20degC). If the average temperature is generally lower (~10degC) the heat pump efficiency drops right off and you are better with a...
  8. Steve Clark

    Wakulla Springs ultrasound mapper

    Resurrecting an old topic. Just seen on facebook, the WKPP have recently baby-sat a fully autonomous cave mapping vehicle 'SUNFISH' operating in Jackson Blue Background photos and text : https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=wkpp
  9. Steve Clark

    On't scrounge for a skateboard

    Can't help with the skateboard, but if your experiment works we've had great service from these people. We build lots of different kinds of custom trucks for getting materials & glass in and waste out of delicate buildings. They have all sorts of different castor materials and load rating etc...
  10. Steve Clark

    Aids for descending overhung ledges...?

    That looks pretty horrible and loose. abseiling for climbing, I’ve tried turning sideways and just let my left hip rub against the rock. That’s for sharp clean overhangs through, with the rope more vertical. In those circumstances you can just bounce/jump past it if you’re confident. Rescue...
  11. Steve Clark

    Caving Memes

    Or raise serious issues in a relatively light hearted way and potentially make folks question their current thinking without immediately jumping to a negative defensive reaction. If it doesn’t make the subject laugh then it’s failed, I agree on that.
  12. Steve Clark


    Well that didn’t take very long. Yes.
  13. Steve Clark


    How about this? Not great quality, shot with a go pro.
  14. Steve Clark


    Yordas, Chapter House?
  15. Steve Clark

    Sheet steel

    There are some thin sheets which appear to have been dumped in Trowbarrow Quarry, near Silverdale. Exact coords : 54.1745559193622, -2.7960332986070666
  16. Steve Clark

    Cost of cylinder testing?

    Last twinset I had hydro+o2 clean was £160 at capernwray. That was a mistake not asking for a price first. £320 for two sets / 4 cylinders! Previous years I’ve used scuba workshop uk near Rochdale. Twinset was about £65, £35 for singles 02 clean.
  17. Steve Clark


    notts 2?
  18. Steve Clark

    Sleets Gill

    This is good stuff. I'm interested to know how the rainfall data knows how much rain fell in each grid square in unit time? They look like 1x1km squares so presumably there's no physical on site monitoring at this scale. If it's radar, how much actual data is in it, or is it a smoothing...
  19. Steve Clark

    Club trips

    I should add that we did have some problems initially with WhatsApp for forward planning, as described by pwhole above. This has vastly improved this year now we have put some structure to it. Ours now works like this : We have a master group (a WhatsApp 'Community') that all club members...
  20. Steve Clark

    Club trips

    The FMC is a climbing club but we do go caving. We have a WhatsApp group of regulars and potentials. Someone posts up that they want to go caving and suggests a day, people respond, we figure out where we’re going based on who wants to come. We try to be efficient with cars. The fylde guys...